The 5th Campus Fab Lab Is Here! The National Tainan Second Senior High School Fab Lab Officially launched




Since the National Tainan Second Senior High School started the South Region Fab Truck 3D Printing Campus Tour Promotion Program last year, they have now been to 35 schools, reached over 30,000 teachers and students, and are planning to increase the total number of schools to 85 in two years this year. In order to bring the Maker movement into campus, the National Tainan Second Senior High School is striving to build the first Fab Lab to enter the schools of Tainan city. The idea is borrowed from the fab labs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and their educational purposes, where participants can have a space of their own to create things.

The National Tainan Second Senior High Fab Lab contains various professional 3D printing equipments including 3D printers with Digital Light Processing and Fused Deposition Modeling technology, CNC machines, laser cutters, and vinyl cutters. The lab is divided into two regions, one is for digital design, where ideas can be realized through 3D printers, vinyl cutters, CNC machines and 3D modeling softwares. The other region is for metalworking and woodworking, where professional heavy equipments are provided, with two additional large laser cutters, making woodworking a lot easier.


The National Tainan Second Senior High Fab Lab will be the 5th Fab Lab in the country to enter schools after New Taipei Vocational Industrial High School, National Taichung Industrial High School, National Hualien Industrial High School, and National Fong Shan Senior Commercial & Industrial Vocational School. Other schools like the Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University, National Overseas Chinese Senior High School, National Neili Senior High School, National Miao-Li Agricultural & Industrial Vocational High School, National Taichung Home Economics and Commercial High School, National Taichung Girls Senior High School, National Cingshuei Senior High School, and National Tainan Senior Marine Fishery Vocational School, will also be building their own Fab Labs, in the hope of creating a Maker Space network with at least one Fab Lab per county or city. With help from schools and their learning courses, the alteration of generations can be easily achieved and the gap between industry and education will be greatly reduced. This will in turn build a strong foundation for Taiwan’s digital creation, thus making it a digitally creative nation.