Future vehicles are defined by you – 2016 Debut-Luxgen cross-border integration Camp Team Interview



Movie “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, the Batman Batmobile driving a slender streamlined, flick towards Superman swiftly. Batmobile has bat wings and tail, and the faint light emitted by car headlights, and Batman to match perfectly. In the real world, there are crazy fans built a 1: 1 Batmobile and obtain legal registration of the road. The 2015 Dubai GTR Motors car dealer used car showrooms, but also displayed a price of one million dollars (about NT $ 30 million yuan), in just six seconds from standstill to maximum speed of up to 250 km / h, behind the car is also equipped with a propane tank can flames. Here, pause your envy, hands to achieve this man’s romantic bar, you can also tailor-made for your car.


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Ten years later the streets of Taipei? From now to build

2016 Debut-Luxgen cross-border integration Camp for the first time this year opened, expectations can be an annual event so that people in different fields meet, discuss, sparks. This year, the activities of the greater Taipei area by 2025 as its space-time background, and to “Makerthon” form, so that each group can be published in the activities of the business case and the final prototype.

As for why choose the greater Taipei area 10 years later? Taiwan advanced electric vehicle Association founding members, Debut-Luxgen Camp Executive Advisor Yeren Wei said: “In general, the concept car is ready for the next 10 to 20 years, so I chose 2025 as the space-time background” in the original when implementing this program, will be as smart city Taipei blueprint, because the executive team believes “the greater Taipei area is the capital of Taiwan, as Taiwan’s face, like, Taiwan is the world’s first impression.” Yeren Wei also did not mince core activities that “the ground of” to Taiwan-oriented, outward. First, students must first imagined in 2025 in Taipei, what will be the evolution of transportation. Then, with activities, students who want to change the definition of family cars and public Jiaotonggongju. Finally, with Taipei as a starting point, extending to Taiwan, establishing closer to the wisdom of the city from the perfect design.

With the advances in electronic technology, the semiconductor industry is booming, the global electric vehicle market continues to expand, “electrical Jiaotonggongju intelligent” has become the future trend. Turning to the “electric smart Jiaotonggongju” as the 2016 Debut-Luxgen cross-border integration Camp theme, consultant Yeren Wei summed up three levels: the first level in Taiwan own-brand Luxgen example, Yeren Wei has praised this brand “Traders killer panoramic systems and multimedia systems,” is a combination of “mass production of cars and new information technology”, so this camp chose to work with them. The second level back to the car itself, the entire automotive industry is the “locomotive industry” in the electronic and electric vehicles the wave will move forward together with other industries, points out the car as a huge supply chain facts. The last level, Yeren Wei smiled and said: “We are back to the most romantic part.” Cars just move the tool from point A to point B, for some people is the characterization of taste, is the family memories, it is blood and passion. “The uniqueness of the car, it’s like a special furniture, but people break free of your feet.”

Make it happen

2016 Debut-Luxgen cross-border integration Camp with “Make it happen” as the slogan for a period of seven days (2016/5/1 ~ 2016/5/7), divided into three groups: creative design team, R & D group, business strategy group. And hired experts in various fields at home and abroad as a lecturer, including curriculum design thinking, automotive design, interaction design, human-computer interface, patents and intellectual property rights, entrepreneurship and international marketing, presentation skills, interdisciplinary communication and so on. This was kind enough to Yulon Motor Camp cooperation, good works have the opportunity to leap onto the international forum, and put into practice in the future.

Why hold this Camp? Electrical engineering and automotive design has a dual expertise, total Debut-Luxgen Camp Responding to Zhou Wei Zhao Taiwanese companies lack innovation and brand concept, design and technology resulting in a serious lack of integration, leading brands get out of the world stage, to be determined when the project Zhou Wei bridges community and design world. “Needed a day, hundreds of hands to prepare Sri Lanka.” If you focus on a car, but also need multilateral cooperation, in order to create combine beauty and practicality of the car. As President of Rhode Island School of Design John Maeda said, “technology” is likely to create, and “design” is to find a solution, ‘art’ is triggered questions and curiosity, a combination of these three is the creative leadership also 2016 Debut-Luxgen cross-border integration camp has been the demands of the core indicators.


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Taipei transportation vehicles in the future


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In the future, what will be the scene of Taipei streets? An electric smart Jiaotonggongju, from interior design to the car exterior, will be different from the past how evolution? Perhaps after the driver let go, you can switch the autopilot mode of self-driving (Note 1); or a car can be separated with a combination of separate cars (Note 2), or the recent Japanese automakers Toyota in response to the metropolitan area congestion of traffic, and to create electric cars and motorcycles i-Road (Note 3). Designers even have to consider the advantages of developing electric cars: Clean, convenient, dynamic strong advantage, combined with the twenty-first century intelligent vehicle technology, design a business case for future users of the best smart city car networking .

Can you imagine that in 2025 Taipei, traveling on the road car look like it? Camp participants can expect in the first session under the theme of electric vehicles, technology and marketing to produce a perfect combination of wonderful works, but also look forward to future sessions, to have struck a more novel and can spark different theme, so Taiwanese idea Benz at a higher stage.

  • Note 1: The electric car maker Tesla Motors (Tesla Motors, Inc.) has begun development AutoPilot autopilot system, planning and autonomous driverless cars, do not have the steering wheel and pedals, completely controlled by their own car.
  • Note 2: Kenan Haliloglu by the design of a car, wide and long car ride eight physical in use 1/3 as separated from the rocket cockpit manner, become isolated and on their own a car.
  • Note 3: The Japanese automakers Toyota metropolitan area in order to solve traffic congestion problems, developed out of a three-wheeled vehicles, power system from the front and rear wheels turn is responsible for urban commuters.