[Video Tutorial] The Invoice Cat

Didn’t win the receipt lottery? What to do with all those receipts?

Have you won the receipt lottery and decided to quit your job?

Besides the Taiwan Lottery, the receipt lottery is what I look forward to most every two months. However, I’m not the luckiest person in the world. I can’t even win sixth prize of two hundred dollars. I’m always one digit off! There’s nothing else to do but to throw away the receipts and go back to work.

However, all those useless receipts are still made of paper, which means I can reuse them somehow. I used to tear my old receipts into pieces, soak them in white glue, and turn them into papier-mâché toys. It was fun but a little too complicated, so this time I’ve decided to create something simple.

All the cat poses

My youngest daughter likes cats, so I wanted to make her one. I gathered the receipts and started making different shaped cats. Everything was going well…

Personally, I prefer standing cats, so I tried making a long-tailed cat standing upright. After a few modifications, it started looking pretty good. Then, I drew a face on it, and cute little Receipt Cat was born!

Receipt Cat is tiny. You can make several versions, with different faces and colors, and place them on your desk!

  • Here’s the video tutorial on how to make Receipt Cat. Give it a go!



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