[Video Tutorial] You Have Received a Like!

Thousands of emojis, people still prefer “Like”

Since it was released, the popular Facebook app has amassed over two billion users around the world. People create Facebook pages to share articles, photos, videos, and status updates on their computers and smartphones. They also leave comments and emojis to express their feelings on other people’s pages.

On doing some research, I found that there are about 2800 emojis you can use on Facebook, the most popular of which is still the blue-and-white “Like” button.

Image by the author

Make your own “Like” to add a personal touch

When we see fun things in real life, we put our thumbs up to express our appreciation, and this is why people feel appreciated when you “like” their updates.

Instead of using a “Like” button, a real life compliment or a thumbs-up, why not give someone a “Like” card to show your appreciation? This time I made “Like” card out of A4 paper. You can write on it and send it to a friend.



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