Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity. Dusk or Dawn? Audrey Tang vs. Sega Cheng in Tainan

A forum entitled “Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Humanity: Dusk or Dawn?” was held by AI_Robot@STSP and PanMedia in the evening of October 26.

Audrey Tang, Minister without Portfolio, and Sega Cheng, co-founder of StraaS &, were both invited to talk about AI’s impact humanity and how we should react. It was a thought-provoking topic, and the 200-strong audience were very interactive.


According to Audrey Tang, as a tool AI is still passive and controllable, so if the government developed AI, it wouldn’t have too big an impact. Using a “sandbox system” sets aside an experimental period before new AI technology is widely introduced.

Someone in the audience asked how people should be educated on technology’s force for good in order to dispel public fear. Tang said that the upcoming curriculum guidelines are quite different from the old ones: rather than being skills-oriented, they are more literacy-oriented. They encourage spontaneous, interactive, and collaborative abilities. If people have a positive view of human values and the future, they will be prepared for and confident about the changes brought about by technology.

As for whether technology can help improve government, Tang believes that both artificial and people’s group intelligence  will enable the government to listen to the people before making decisions and instantly correct mistakes much more effectively.

StraaS & co-founder Sega Cheng thinks that if there is too much technology and information, people will lose focus and things like useless information and fake news will take over. He also said that humans cannot multitask like computers, so the next generation has to learn to focus. Learning is a lifelong process, so even if AI replaces many kinds of analytical job, we must never stop learning.

As long as we pursue progress and convenience, there will be technology. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, so it is important that as we innovate we respect other people and never use technology to harm anyone. The future of technology is in our hands. Happily, we have done quite well so far.

The whole world is talking about the future of humans and robots, and whether AI is going to replace human jobs. Tang and Cheng both believe that even though repetitive jobs will eventually be replaced, there won’t be a large-scale unemployment right away. If anything, such jobs will slowly disappear. If robots keep doing their thing, that is when our humanity shines. Many jobs that involve human interaction will become more important.

Kuowei Cheng said that homo sapiens have imagination, are able to organize and take part in large-scale collaboration, and convey their imagination and experience to other people. It is a shame that many people are prevented from using these three abilities from a young age and are subsequently unable to perform well at work. We should try to regain these natural abilities and turn them into core competencies. For people with jobs, AI is a disaster they have to get used to.



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