Local Makers Going Versatile – the Maker Career Exhibition Documentary

On October 6 and 7, the International Vocational Training Maker Seminar was held by The Southern Taiwan Maker Center (STMC), part of the Workforce Development Agency, Yunlin–Chiayi–Tainan Regional Branch. Famous makers from France, Korea, and Taiwan were invited to the Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park to share their experience. In addition to the academic forums, visitors had a great time exploring other features like workshops, a market, and STMC’s own static exhibition.

International makers creating new ideas

The long-awaited international seminar was honored by the presence of Nicolas Lassabe, founder of Artilect FabLab France; Donghoon Lee, CEO of Korean makerspace Fab Monster; and Jongmin Park, research associate at the Korea Creative Content Agency.

Makers from various countries come together share their experience. Photo by Luobogao (蘿蔔糕)

Many professional makers also participated in the event: Ted Hung, founder of FabLab Taipei; Weixiang Huang (黃偉翔), CEO of Skills for U; Bingxin Cai (蔡秉欣) of chief of the Vocational Education Division of the New Taipei City Department of Education; and Jiahao Zhang (張家豪), deputy technical director of the STMC. The event was an opportunity for them to share their ideas with everyone.

The “Chuangxiami Market” sells everything

Visitors are impressed by the wide variety of items. Photo by Luobogao (蘿蔔糕 )

The Chuangxiami Market outside the exhibition also had a lot of visitors. Many different vendors had been invited to sell their products—some of them STMC’s own in-residence teams, e.g. Open the Box, a team of laser cutting experts, and textile teams like Cherry’s House and Cloth Profession. Maker teams from Southern Taiwan also showcased their products.

Stands run by STMC teams. Photo by Luobogao (蘿蔔糕 )

Maker philosophy on display

The most pleasant surprise of the entire event was the Maker Career Presentation, where the display stands were handmade bamboo desks, with display racks also made of bamboo.

The stunning Maker Career Presentation. Photo by Luobogao (蘿蔔糕 )

Curator Yixuan Xu (許翊萱) had been a girl scout, and after interacting with some makers, she realized that scouts are makers too: They try to do everything themselves. That’s why she decided to integrate some typical scout activities into the event, which both matched the theme and was also environmentally friendly. All the bamboo materials were recycled after the exhibition.

You can see the creativity behind the display. Photo by Luobogao (蘿蔔糕 )

  • In case you missed the event, here is a quick summary:

The exhibition had six themes, not only showcasing all the outstanding works by STMC, but also demonstrating how to create a large plant decoration using the “Shopbot”—Taiwan’s only large CNC wood engraving machine. Many visitors took pictures with the Shopbot and learned a lot about the maker movement.



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