[Video Tutorial] The Black Cat Squadron Badge

Rare historical photos

On the last day of August, I finally went to the forum I had been wanting to go to for a long time—Aerial Photos of the Black Cat Squadron.

For this event, I made a special 1:59 Black Cat U-2 Recon Aircraft paper model that I designed a while ago to give to director Buxin Yang (楊佈新) and military instructors Lin Xu (徐林) and Shengxiong Cai (蔡盛雄) in tribute to the Black Cat Air Force heroes!

Support and defend

The event was packed. There wasn’t enough room for everyone to sit down. The presenter was a strategic aerial photography expert and military instructor Lin Xu, who explained the stay-behind aerial photos for which the Black Cat Squadron risked their lives. These photos greatly contributed to reconnaissance by stay-behind intelligence during the Cold War, when there was no satellite reconnaissance.

In the audience was a U-2 Recon Aircraft pilot, military instructor Shengxiong Cai. The documentary Lost Black Cats: 35th Squadron, directed by Buxin Yang, depicts the untold stories of these heroes. Seeing how these heroes accomplished their missions through black-and-white photography on the big screen on Air Force Day and Armed Forces Day made the experience even better. When the event ended, I took photos with the three gentlemen and my paper model. I had such a good time!

Accomplishing secret missions like cats at night

The 35th Squadron took a big-eyed black cat as their symbol because they carried out their secret recon missions at night.

I designed a model of the U-2 Recon Aircraft previously, so this time I used a piece of black-and-yellow colored paper to make the black cat.

Here is the video tutorial for the Black Cat Squadron badge. Feel free to give it a shot!



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