[Video Tutorial] Motorcycle

Teenage Kicks on Japanese Scooters

In junior college, someone in my dorm had an SYM Wolf 125 motorcycle and let me learn how to ride on it, even though I didn’t have a license. A few years later, many other Japanese scooters came onto the market—Mingjian (名劍), Zhuifeng (追風), Wangpai (王牌), RZ, DT, NSR, Doufeng (兜風), Jingfeng (勁風), Mingliu (名流), Dio, DJ-1, Haoshuang (豪爽), and Haomai (豪邁).

In 1990, Kymco made a splash with a scooter commercial starring Aaron Kowk (郭富城) and Amy Chen (陳艾湄) which became very popular and kickstarted Kowk’s career.

Once you’re on a motorcycle, you feel like Aaron Kwok!

Origami kicks with paper model scooters

Scooters are very useful in Taiwan. I have owned several, including a Wolf 125, Mingliu 100, Jingfeng 50, Haoshuang 135 and my current Haomai. Each model brings back different memories. Even having owned two cars, I still enjoy riding a scooter because it’s so small and nippy. It still feels great to ride a scooter on a nice day!

As a challenge, and to commemorate the good old days of the scooter, I’ve made a model scooter out of A4 paper.

Here is the video tutorial—give it a shot!

Watch Fun Paper DIY Motorcycle Video Tutorial (YouTube)



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