A Win for Retro Video Game – Wugu Maker Base 2017 Open House

While we live in a world where video games have immersive graphics, and mobile games are flooding the market, some people still play retro arcade games inside large cabinets, with joysticks and buttons.

The Raspberry Pi 3 Single-chip Retro Arcade Machine by retired engineer Zhikai Xu (left), and the Remote-controlled Tracked Security Robot by Sampo engineer Yicheng Lin (right), won first and second places respectively in the 2017 Smart Life Creativity Design Contest.

Retro Arcade Machine won first place 

Retired engineer Zhikai Xu (許志凱) has been making handicraft items in his free time. This time around, he tried to make something different, a retro arcade machine. He used Oneshape 3D to create the cabinet, projected the component to a 2D surface for laser cutting, then used it as the case. As for the games, they were integrated into the emulator and other components using Raspberry Pi 3. He tried to pick components that were unused and outdated, in order to be environmentally friendly. This item also won him first place in the 2017 Smart Life Creativity Design Contest.

The second place winner is the Remote-controlled Tracked Security Robot by Sampo engineer Yicheng Lin (林益成). As a security robot, this device comes with the illuminated first-person view functionality. Not only can it see clearly in the dark, you can also remotely control it, or even fire its shoulder BB gun.

The third place winner Safety Block alerts you when accidents happen to seniors at homes. Designer Jialun Kang (康嘉倫) places the pressure sensor on the carpet, so that when there is unusual pressure, like when a senior falls and can’t get up, it will alert you via bluetooth.

The Wugu Maker Base welcomes all makers. 

The award ceremony of this contest and the final presentation of Wugu Maker Base were held together. Director Ren Jau Lin of the Taipei-Keelung-Yilan-Hualien-Kinmen-Matsu Region Branch, Workforce Development Agency, was invited to give opening speech and present the awards. He mentioned that the word “maker” has been very popular, and it represents the ability to solve problems by thinking and doing, while being innovative.

Branch Director Lin invites everybody to the IoT Maker Base.

The Wugu Maker Base was founded in October 2015 by the Northern Regional Branch. According to Branch Director Lin, more than 200 workshops have been held, all provided with 3D printers, laser engraving machines for makers to work with or practice; and 20 master lectures have been held as well, with focus on IoT, augmented reality and virtual reality. Furthermore, there already are 36 in-residence maker teams at the base. In order to increase the chance of success for the makers, the branch has also invited over 80 experts to form a consulting team to help makers who face difficulties.

Makers’ works are being displayed at the Wugu Maker Base final presentation so they can interact with each other, and visitors can experience them too.

“These services are all free!” Lin stressed. He also urged all makers and guests to tell other makers about these services and facilities, so that one day the Wugu Maker Base could become one of the major maker bases in Northern Taiwan.

The laser engraving area at Wugu Maker Base offers the Laser Engraving Creation Experience. Children and adults can follow the instructors to make toy pistols.

Many makers from schools and the industry were invited to the final presentation to set up booths and share their works with the visitors. Some of their maker alumni also came back to design game stages and workshops, and teach the visitors how to use the right tools to make their own items.

Lin wants this final presentation to be a medium where people can learn something new, and be prepared for their next phase of innovation.

Besides works from the base’s own makers, makers from schools and the industry were also invited to set up booths.




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