Trigger Your Maker Soul – The First Mega Maker Day

The first annual Mega Maker Day was held at Pier-2 Art Center, Warehouse 8, Dagang Mzone, Kaohsiung on December 16 and 17, 2017. It aimed to encourage citizens of all ages to experience the culture and fun of DIY, and spread the maker spirit in Kaohsiung. 

Grand opening of the first annual Mega Maker Day.

The theme for this year was “Born to Do”. Everybody was invited to do things themselves and shape their own future. In this two day event, many activities including handicraft, markets, education, technology and Maker Show were carried out. There were an estimated 100 maker companies, organizations, scholars and individuals that participated, with over 130 booths.

CEO Yu-hsiu Yang giving his opening speech.

The entire exhibition came in 5 different areas: Family Workshop, Contemporary Makerspace, Maker Amusement Park, Maker Market and Maker Performance Hall.

The Mega Maker Day mascot, M Dai.

Family Workshop 

There were 12 different kinds of activities, including woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing and laser cutting.

Blues HM and their blue dye activity.

People trying out leather crafting.


Ice cream making.

Contemporary Makerspace

This year’s theme was “Born to Do, No boundaries.”

Maker Amusement Park 

Some of the works from the local makers included the 4 meter long “Irritating Stick” by Kaohsiung IC Shopping, the IOTTO robot workshop by Maker Lab, the Nerdy Derby that Mayor Chen herself couldn’t let go of, the water park by Southern Makers, and lastly Starwbee, the most popular item in the entire Mzone.

Children trying out the Nerdy Derby.

The Irritating Stick by Kaohsiung IC Shopping.

The IOTTO workshop booth.

The Maker Market

There were altogether 75 makers from Kaohsiung and the rest of Taiwan, with over a hundred booths.

The Pingtung Maker Classroom by a group of zealous teachers from Pingtung.

The Maker Stage

The works came from Mzone participants, members and individual makers, or things made with Mzone’s devices, equipment and makerspace over the past year.

Felix, owner of Maker’s Attic sharing his idea behind the IOTTO robot.

Felix, owner of Maker’s Attic sharing his idea behind the IOTTO robot.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. This was actually the second annual Mega Maker Day. It was held at the Kaohsiung Municipal Jhongsiao Elementary School last year as the “zeroth” annual event to signify “starting from zero.” The planning, decoration and rundown this year were all very well thought out, allowing the handicraft experience, the makers’ work exhibition, the experience sharing, and the all ages maker amusement park to happen at the same time. This event thoroughly demonstrated the passion of all Kaohsiung’s makers, and successfully distinguished themselves from others.