New Vision for Tainan at PunPlace’s 4th Anniversary Celebration

This year marks 4th anniversary of PunPlace at the Tainan Digital Creative Park, organized by the Tainan City Government. On December 9, Saturday, a presentation known as “Open Day” was held to showcase their achievements throughout the entire year to the makers and friends from all over. Acting Mayor Meng-yen Lee of Tainan City and Legislator Wei-cher Huang were also present, together with the park’s in-residence teams, the local makers and everybody from the industry, academia, and government that had collaborated with the park, to try to build a city for the young people by encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

Acting Mayor Meng-yen Lee, and Chairperson Ching-hui Chao of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Tainan City Government were both present at PunPlace’s 4th anniversary.

Over the past four years, the Tainan Digital Creative Park has organized over 630 tutorials, forums and exhibitions with over 9000 participants, and assisted over 60 teams in kick starting their businesses. This year, they have also committed to the promotion of Tainan’s Civic Technology, and organized the Open Street Workshop and the Tainan Ideas Challenge, to allow new diverse technologies to be injected into Tainan.

Acting Mayor Meng-yen Lee learning about the works of the PunPlace in-residence teams.

This time, the makers had organized a Pun Market where participants could play with the claw machine and the motion controlled maze that were made of steel and 3D printing. They also lit up the Maker Junk Christmas Tree made of the scrap wood from this year’s makerspace. There was also a static exhibition of all the amazing maker products by the in-residence teams and the students. Meanwhile, the Pun Talk was having DJ Hauer, the co-founder of the popular Taiwan Bar as its keynote speaker, to share with us the latest new media marketing strategies. After that, there were also short talks and conversations on civic technology, digital crafting and localized manufacturing.

Acting Mayor Lee said that the city government plans to develop next generation industries based on traditional culture, so that Tainan would be able to catch up with the times. He also wished that the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission would continue to promote the cultural creativity and digital creations of Tainan, and encourage young people to stay motivated in their innovations by offering a better incentive program.

The staff and the in-residence teams of PunPlace celebrating its 4th anniversary together.



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