Santa Claus Video Tutorial

Christmas is the day Christians celebrate the nativity of Jesus. In the West, it’s usually on the 25th of December. However, there is another legendary figure who gives presents to children on Christmas eve, and he is Santa Claus. Christmas is coming, and despite the lack of snow, people in Taiwan still organize major carnivals and markets to maximize the holiday spirit.

Many teachers and parents will start making Christmas decorations like Christmas trees, snowmen, snow sleds, reindeer and Christmas stockings with the children. On Christmas night, adults will dress as Santa and carry large sacks of presents and candy. This month is Christmas month, so of course I’m making a Santa Claus out of an A4 paper. The finished product will be white on both its front and its back, so you can color it however you like!

Merry Christmas 2017, everybody!

Here is the tutorial, you are welcome to give it a shot!

This article will now direct you to the video on how to make the Paper Santa Claus:

Watch Fun Paper DIY Santa Claus –Video Tutorial (YouTube)



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