Maker Faire Taipei 2017, Flipped Thinking, Start Making!

Taiwan’s largest maker event, Maker Faire Taipei, grand opened at the Huashan 1914 Creative Park. It was a must-go event for all makers. All the largest maker carnivals in the world are Maker Faires, and this was the 5th annual event in Taiwan. There were over 300 booths, a record-breaking number this year, occupying 5 indoor and outdoor exhibition areas of the park. There were so many excellent works to see!

The theme of this year’s Maker Faire Taipei was “We Are All Makers,” because they wanted to be the largest platform to bring makers, education and technology together. Besides the usual maker booths, there was also the world’s first Maker Art Exhibition this year. Both the Taiwan Maker Forum and the Smart Technology Forum were held, to talk about education, innovative entrepreneurship, technology development and industry planning, which expanded the width of the event. There was so much to see, and so much to learn!

Five exhibition areas, makers from the world gather in Taipei

Taitien Electronics General Manager Yunian Song (宋育年), the organizer of Maker Faire Taipei, said: “I am pleased to learn that the idea of flipped thinking and the emphasis of “doing” are starting to receive attention, and getting the recognition they deserve.” Through Maker Faire Taipei, he hopes to bring out the passion of Taiwan’s makers, so they can explore the fun and cultivate innovative energy.

This year’s 5 exhibition areas were Maker Art Exhibition, Two Major Forums, Maker Amusement Park, Outdoor Expo, and Maker Arena. The overall content and entertainment were arguably the best in Asia. The genres for these booths included electronic manufacturing, science, education, community, crafting, art design, and virtual reality. Besides students, many makers from Japan and Hong Kong also participated in the exhibition, for example the Robot Band from Japan, and the fidget spinner expert from Tottori Prefecture, Japan. As for the Maker Art Exhibition, there was an art team from Paris, France who provided a creative, amazing performance.

Art and competition, makers get inspired by the annual event

The theme of this year’s Maker Art Exhibition was “Prototype Art”. In order to showcase the versatility of makers, the team from University of Paris 8 was invited with their interactive biomimetic “Vivarium, the Solar Insect,” which brought life to the electronic creature. There was also the “Daemon in Cross Media” by FBI Lab, an interactive technology artwork crossing the border of virtuality and reality. The event gathered artists from Taiwan and the rest of the world. Their works combine both technology and art, and are either fun or inspiring.

During the exhibition, the National IoT Makerthon Design Competition, the Craftsmanship Insights Competition and the Drone Obstacle Racing and Fighting Arena were also being held. Makers were invited to challenge their brainpower, strength and reflexes. This year’s Maker Faire Taipei not only has abundant maker products and forums, but also challenging competitions. The creative ideas of makers are even more attractive, they were the main contribution to this major maker event.



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