Map of Taiwan Video Tutorial

The 29th Summer Universiade was hosted by Taipei City, of Taiwan, Republic of China. Athletes from all over the world gathered and used their skills to compete in different kinds sports. During the 12 days of the event, the people of Taiwan showed great enthusiasm and participation to support the athletes that represented our country. These athletes also showed their gratitude to their supporters by doing their best to achieve great results. In these 12 days, athletes from all over the world got to learn about the different aspects of Taiwan up close, and they highly appreciated the place and its people.

I myself had been closely watching this event, and found out that most of the Universiade posters centered around the mascot, Bravo, as their key visual, and many used Taipei 101 as background to publicize Taipei City. There weren’t enough designs that took the form of the map of Taiwan, which I believe, was because they wanted to highlight Taipei as the host city, instead of the entire country. Therefore I designed a paper folding of the map of Taiwan, the country I love. Let me make a paper Taiwan with my own hands, so I can wave it as I cheer for our athletes! Taiwan number one! I love Taiwan! I hereby cordially invite everybody around the world who loves this land of freedom, to make a paper Taiwan with your own hands!

The video tutorial is here. Feel free to give it a shot!

This article will now direct you to the video tutorial on how to make the Map of Taiwan, Republic of China:

Watch Fun Paper DIY Map of Taiwan, Republic of China Video Tutorial (YouTube)




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