Documentary For More Sun II: The World Solar Challenge Team Ten Years On



Small Talk director Hui-chen Huang (left) at the premiere of For More Sun II, passing on a little box office mojo to fellow director and old friend Chia-hua Lee (right).


Documentary For More Sun II premiered in the evening of May 12 at Xinyi Vieshow. The movie saw central figure, Professor Jung-Ho Cheng of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NTU, finally reunited with the solar vehicle team. Legislator Yu Mei-nu, Small Talk director Hui-chen Huang, and White Ant director Hsien-Che Chu all showed up to the premiere in recognition of the decade-long efforts of the solar vehicle team to realize their dreams and as a sign of support for the film team who documented this story of a lifetime.

Opening on May 19, the documentary is a sequel to the 2005 film For More Sun, which followed a team of students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NTU as they pursued their dream of making a solar vehicle. Back in 2005, Professor Jung-Ho Cheng had been looking for a way to overcome the lack of practical work in Taiwanese education, so he got together a group of students (later nicknamed “Formosun”) and charged them with making their own solar-powered vehicle. Despite their scant resources, they managed to reach their goal of entering the World Solar Challenge in Australia, coming fifth worldwide. The team graduated ten years later, but they still have the team spirit. Now they are working at top-notch engineering companies such as Tesla, Gogoro, Giant Bicycles, Porsche, and Hua-chuang Automobile, passing on Professor Cheng’s practical teachings and continuing to succeed in industry and academia jobs all over the world. Such is the power of education.

Producer James Liu said at the premiere that For More Sun had been Joint Entertainment’s first production since its founding in 2005, and he had not expected to see the team again after ten years but was thrilled it had come about, saying, “As long as you keep doing what’s right, eventually you have a good outcome, which is exactly what this passionate teacher and his team of students have taught me.” Sequel director Chia-hua Lee also said with a smile that his taking the director’s chair shows just how important the legacy is, and that he was really lucky to be able to share the return experience with the team after ten years. “Those clever, crazy engineers taught me so much. It’s heart-warming to see them having done so much for Taiwan, especially at a time when people didn’t look kindly on the pursuit of personal dreams.”

The For More Sun II production team and the solar vehicle team reunited in this movie and hoping for good box office results.

Small Talk director Hui-chen Huang, an old friend of Chia-hua Lee because of their mutual passion for documentaries, was at the premiere to show support. When asked her thoughts on For More Sun II after the showing, she said “It’s excellent. Funny, but also touching. I surprised myself by bursting into tears while I watched. It was so passionate!” Huang said as a mother she had initially been worried about sending her child to school, but seeing the documentary gave her hope for Taiwanese education. She called on government officials to see the documentary and try to help people who have passion but no resources to achieve their dreams. Huang also expressed her hope that the documentary will have good box office results and said in an aside, “Sequels are difficult. The sheer courage of wanting to make one already deserves our support, so go see For More Sun II at the theater!”



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