Dec. 10-11 Kaohsiung City Hosted “Mega Maker Day”

As a Maker, you must know about #8 Warehouse in the Pier-2 Art Center. It is the home of Mzone, the largest maker space in Kaohsiung. Mzone opened in mid-summer this year, and it already plays a big part to the spirit of “open, learn, and share” in the maker world. In December 10th and 11th, the biggest maker event “Mega Maker Day” expanded the maker space from the warehouse to Kaohsiung Municipal Jhongsiao Elementary School. Wait, did you realize that it is the “0”th “Mega Maker Day?” It is to signify that this Maker event originated from Taiwan can adapt the spirt of “starting from nothing.”

The Speaker Zone for Mega Maker Day. (Courtesy to Mega Maker Day Facebook)

The “Mega Maker Day” was an event suitable for everyone in the family. Whether you are an adult or kid, the hands-on activities and projects should be fun for you to play and to learn. Different events and booths showed traditional maker works, such as woodworks, textile crafts, and modern technology maker tools, such as laser cutting and 3D printing and how they would be utilized in our daily life. The event had 5 different theme zones, and innovative people from all trades such as teachers who were interested in flipping education, students who were into innovation, professional makers, amateur makers, artists, maker groups, and people from the business world putting together over 80 booths to show their works and specialties which were only the best of the best. Over 18 “People’s Workshops” were held. And Maker Battles in Mbot, wire maze, and obstacle race had makers in all ages competing together. Furthermore, To.Gather, a maker band from Tainan played music by using plastic tubes and net. An enlarged Foosball table that was 20 times of regular ones was there to have people playing “Real Person Foosball,” if you had a team of 6, you could pick an opponent team to play the game. “Maker School Film Festival” showed 6 films from Taiwan and overseas to show the maker movements around the world. 16 speakers were invited, and with some from Japan to give lectures on science, education, engineering, entrepreneurship, culture industry, crafts, culinary art, and music that showed different aspects of maker world.

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology showed their Aquaponic Gardening project.

The Maker Movement started from the San Francisco Bay area of the US. Many experts and leading academic institution called it to be the most important movement in the next 10 years. The President of the US, Barack Obama in 2014 named June 18th to be the National Day of Making that just showed how important the movement has become. The city of Kaohsiung in order to get the city ready for an innovative future, designed Mzone to be the Maker hub for the city. The organizing of “Mega Maker Day” was created to connect business and academics, and to attract makers from all over the world to Kaohsiung to stimulate more innovative thinking. A new designing and maker power hence should grow out of the event. The “0”th Mega Maker Day represents everything starts from nothing, and all people of Kaohsiung were able to participated such picture, and to create the “future First” Mega Maker Day to obtain local culture and everyone in the city to join such innovative and creative Mega Maker Day.

The lightsaber from the Star Wars appeared in Mega Maker Day in Kaohsiung.





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