Interviewing TGH Social Science Group, the Champion Team of the 2016 Million Dollar Maker Arena, Yun–Chia–Nan Region


The TGH Social Science Group is a team that aims to make the best prosthetic hand.

  •  What made you want to take part in the Million Dollar Maker Arena?

Answer: I want to introduce the Taiwan God Hand Project to everybody through the Million Dollar Maker Arena and was hoping that more like-minded makers would join this social movement for.

  •  When did you realize you were a maker?

Answer: After I was amputated, I was looking for a partner to research the myoelectric prosthesis, and then the result came and I tried it on myself, that’s when I realized I was a maker.


The TGH Social Science Group wants to make the world’s lightest and most nimble prosthetic hand.

  •  What was the proudest moment of your life as a maker?

Answer: When us makers worked together to pursue the dream of building the open-source prosthetic hand. That was our proudest moment as a team.

  • What frustrates you the most when you work on a project? Do you have a way around it?

Answer: Making improvements on the myoelectric prosthesis always frustrates us, because we try to be better than all the international competitors in both functionality and weight. Doing the right things, building up strong psychological qualities, scientific methods and self-learning are the ways to help us solve problems.

  •  Were you in other maker events before? What do you think is the greatest reward from interacting with other makers?

Answer: This is my first maker event. My greatest reward is all the new things I’ve learned, and the opportunity of sharing my knowledge and experiences with other people.


Makers sharing experiences with each other.

  •  What do you think is the most important quality of a maker?

Answer: You have to be childlike and creative, but most importantly you have to try to make the world a better place through your maker projects.

  •  What kind of ability do you wish you possess, so that you can have the maker life you desire?

Answer: I want to get rid of knowledge monopoly with the essence of open-source, so that the maker culture can pass on. I hope that my passion for exploring the world won’t go away, so I can keep on solving problems as a maker, to make Taiwan better for the next generation.