The Chien Lung-class Hai Hu Submarine Video Demonstration


I was recently doing some research on submarines for a case, and my impression on submarines has always been the modern nuclear submarines of the USA, which I don’t particularly find good looking. This is the reason why I seldom do submarines when it comes to designing models. Due to a job, I had to look up information on submarines, and I found that there is a submarine in our National Navy that’s purchased from the Netherlands, and it surprisingly pretty good looking. Below is some information on the Chien Lung-class Hai Hu submarine.

The Hai Hu submarine, model number SS-794, is the Number 2 submarine of the 256th Submarine Squadron in the Republic of China Navy. Its is silent, and thus is great for stealth, making it the main force of the ROC Navy. Some of its main missions are anti-submarine warfare, attack on enemy ships, and special operation reinforcement.

The construction of both the Hai Hu and the Hai Lung was outsourced to the Netherlands by the Republic of China Navy’s “Chien Lung Project” in 1982. Hai Hu first launched in 1986, and began service in 1988. It measures 66.92 by 8.4 meters, has a displacement of 2300 tons, the highest underwater speed of 20 knots, the self-sustainability of 60 days, and the passenger capacity of 66. It is powered by three 120RUB215 diesel engines and two 196 storage batteries with 4050 horsepower each. It was equipped with the German SUT torpedoes, and now it also comes with either 28 harpoon missiles or 6 torpedo tubes. Hai Hu is one of the most powerful submarines currently serving in the ROC Navy, and has participated in the Han Kuang Exercise with Hai Lung many times. It is without a doubt the best weapon to defend the territorial waters of the Republic of China. (Translated from Wikipedia)

After reading information on the internet, I couldn’t help but start making one of these submarines with flyers while designing models, and I made a finalized version after about 5 attempts. Here I’m sharing it with you through a video, so please give it a try yourself!

This article will now take you the video on how to make the Chien Lung-class Hai Hu Submarine with paper

Watch the Chien Lung-class Hai Hu Submarine Video Demonstration(YouTube)