Science Is the Latest Trend, the 2016 International Conference on Science Edu-Communication


The International Conference on Science Edu-Communication 2016 jointly organized by the National Taiwan Science Education Center and the National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center was held on December 2nd and 3rd. Famous scholars from Israel, Korea, France and Austria, and scholars of Taiwan’s museums were all invited to this seminar, to speak on the themes of “The Innovation and Research of Non-formal Education,” “The Integration of Science Education and Science Communication,” “The New Way Development of the Non-formal Education and Science Communication of Science Education Centers and Museums” and “The Learning Environment That Integrates Maker Spirit into Inquiry and Practice, the Innovative Curriculum of the Flipped Middle School Courses.” There was also the “Science Education Communication Arena” to give the many frontline science educators, local and international scholars and the trainees who showed up a space to implement with their hands, interact and share different ideas of science education.


Professor Jiwoong Song from Seoul National University gives speech. (Provided by the organizer)

Science education is not only in the content of the current formal education, many resources in the society, namely science education centers, museums,  popular science events, performances, pop culture with science elements and science communication media, are all different ways of science education communication. Not only can they provide science education resources for different age groups, but also achieve certain things that formal science courses cannot, and thus help students or the general public learn science. Going by this topic, abstract submissions had been reviewed and 12 papers and 15 poster session on the communication and practice of science education were selected for this seminar, to discuss the important issues of science education communication and non-formal science education worldwide. 

The National Taipei University of Education Electronic Toy Club makers showcasing various fancy toys made of electric circuits and 3D printing at their booth. (Provided by the organizer)

In order to present the diversity of science communication, the two-day seminar not only showcased the mobile navigation app at the National Taiwan Science Education Center to give the public an instant update on technology and let them create their personal mobile learning platform using their mobile devices, many guests were invited too, and they were National Central University Science Education Center, the molecular cuisine of National Taiwan Ocean University, the VR device of Taipei Tech, the healing picture book of University of Taipei and the perfect integration of digital music and interactive device, the Reactable City! XN Music, E-Scratch IoT of the S4A community and their promotion on WFduino, the Quake-nopoly from the Earthquake School in the Cloud, the Render Farm of the National Applied Research Laboratories, and MorSensor Wireless Sensor Bricks. Altogether 11 different devices and carriers of new ways of science communication, using their booths to showcase their works, effects and business models, so people can experience a more diverse non-formal science education. The science booths were all admission free.

For the academic topics and event details of the seminar, please go to the official website.