The most popular maker expo in southern Taiwan “Maker Wisdom Expo 2016” invited citizens to be Makers

On November 19-20 ( weekend ), “Maker Wisdom Expo 2016” was held in Martial Arts Stadium. Cosponsors of the expo were the Education Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, National Sun Yat-sen University, and Kaohsiung Makers. There were 125 booths set up by schools at different educational stages, universities, and companies. People enjoyed the pleasure of making things by themselves, experiencing the achievements of “Maker” education.

“This expo let teachers and students walk out of the campus, get connect with Maker experts. The interaction and transaction between students and makers can flip the education, creating the chance to make students in Kaohsiung become master makers. ”said Fan Sun-lu (范巽綠, front right) ,head of the Kaohsiung City Education Bureau.


Fan Sun-lu , Head of the Kaohsiung City Education Bureau, Hung Wen-chih(溫志宏, front right), Chief Executive Officer for University and Industry Collaboration of Sun Yat-sen University, and Shih wen-tsung(施文宗, front right), Director of Kaohsiung Makers, attended the opening ceremony, and joint the citizens to visit the expo, experiencing the rich content of Maker spirit. Makers in different ages presented their works on this biggest maker expo in southern Taiwan, attracting lots of people to participate in the event. The expo had dynamic display area, static display area, D.I.Y. area, forum for discussion, works exhibition, and also some dynamic performances. Some of the works were quite impressing, including the Carton Theatre by A Lien Junior High School, online health Q&A system by Wen Shan elementary school, and beautiful sculptures made by Shu-Te home economics & commercial High School. Kaohsiung Dah Yung Senior High School created an assistive devices, which can interpret body movement into voice, helping people with disabilities express themselves. Kaohsiung Municipal Rueisiang High School built up aquaponics made by recycled PET bottles. The aquaponics cost less than 50 NT dollars, allowing people in the city to experience the feelings of being famers.


Everyone can be a maker, and it is well-proven at the event.

Also, “Kaohsiung Maker Innovation Award” was held for the first time this year. The 5 categories of the award are: “creative invention”, “mental athletics”, “junior maker competition”, “micro film”, and “3D printing”. The “junior maker competition” got 1,627 entries, and the top three were presented on the expo. 47 of 541 entries in the category of “creative invention” were also presented on the first day of the expo. Hung Wen-chih(溫志宏, front right), Chief Executive Officer for University and Industry Collaboration of Sun Yat-sen University, encouraged people to be creative and break the limit. He thought the presentation of the entries can show the creative and practicing spirit of the students.


Students constructed models on site.

Over 6,000 teachers and students had participated in the competition, and 27 groups got the price eventually. The awards ceremony was held at 3 o’clock on the second day of the expo.

By honoring them with the award, this competition encourage students to show the creativity combined with local and maker spirit.

Translator: Peggy Sha

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