Making Taiwan’s Own Assemble Furniture: How Makers Do Things


What makes a good piece of furniture?

“One that can be used repeatedly.”

“It is found in every home.”

“It is easy to move into a new environment.”

“You can assemble and disassemble it yourself.”

“Safe, poisonless and friendly to your local environment.”

“Presentable and durable.”

“Suits yourself.”


What kind of furniture is good furniture? Anyone with his own version of a “dream house” has a different answer.

Gogo Furniture wishes that every piece of furniture you purchase will follow you everywhere you live.

Having a home you can take with you, that’s what Gogo Furniture wants


Gogo Furniture is created by 3 patriotic Taiwanese youths, who have all had bad renting experiences, so they decided to break the rule of “renting = compromise on furniture.”

“When you rent you have to live with landlord’s used furniture.”

“Affordable furniture can break easily when you move.”

“Moving costs too much.”

“The furniture I buy now might not suit my next place.”

“Durable and fashionable furniture is expensive!”

Gogo Furniture wants to build a room that is practical, comfortable and beautiful for renters

The most important question is that, the manufacturers for many international furniture brands are right here in Taiwan, so why can’t we make our own brands, our own homes?


Easy to carry is one of the things makers want.

The Gogo Furniture team has spent a lot of money on the research and development of prototypes, and finally came up with a local brand that is easy to carry, fashionable, durable and affordable, for all the renters out there. All you need is a van to fit in your entire set of furniture, and your dream of “moving the house all by yourself” is fulfilled.

Make your own home


Easy to assemble is the feature Gogo Furniture is most proud of.

Assembling furniture usually takes a lot of time, and you often have to struggle with the components and tools. When you finally finish, you have no time left to unpack all your boxes.

Gogo Furniture has developed a set of furniture specifically for the vast customers in Taiwan, that they can easily assemble with just their hands. No longer do they have to read the instruction manuals that nobody understands, they can make their own homes!

Home is the extension of your personal taste


Practical and fashionable.

Simplistic design will always be a timeless classic. Whether your next place has a wooden floor or white tiles, Gogo Furniture can always create a quality life experience for your rented space.

Everybody deserves a comfortable place to live, and we understand your preference in furniture atmosphere, which is why every piece of our furniture comes in white and iron gray. Whether you prefer the clear look or the calm look, you can find the right color here.



Bring Gogo Furniture into your home

Gogo Furniture is currently selling 8 different items, namely single bed, hanger, work table, single chair, shoe rack, shelf, desktop rack and under desk rack. Each comes in two colors, and all are designed to be easy to assemble and carry. A crowdfunding page will soon be up on Zeczec, and many other furniture items will soon release as well, please stay tuned!


Gogo Furniture wants to build a home you can take with you.


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