Video demonstration on how to make the WWII airplane (Basic look)

The 4th Reality Fantasy Model Exhibition and the 2nd Fancy Frontier Prototype Contest ended early this November in Taipei. What was different from before was that there was the 1st Military Model Open Contest going on at the same time. I didn’t get to sign up this year because I got the date wrong, so better luck next time for me. This year’s champion goes to the P-51 Mustang made by Zhaoqun Huang (黃兆群) from Taiwan. (As shown in the picture)


The P-51 Mustang is a fighter jet with a transonic propeller. It makes an appearance in the popular Golden Bell TV series “A Touch of Green” adapted and directed by Pai Hsien-yung. In the series “Taiwan’s Elite Warriors: Fighter Pilots” on the Discovery channel, the Beechcraft T-34 Mentor is introduced. It is the essential training model every pilot of the Republic of China Air Force has to learn to fly. I have specifically made 3D paper models of these two planes. (As shown in the pictures)

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These beautiful classic airplanes from World War II are more or less similar in appearance. They might come in different sizes, airfoils, body ratios, but in general they are all similar. This time we’ll be using an A4-sized paper to fold into the basic looks of these WWII airplanes without any cutting or stacking. As for the details of each airplane, you can add them later. When you’re done with your paper model, make sure to apply white glue on the inside of the loose space so it looks good on the appearance. If you want to fly it, you’ll have to add weight, for example a spitball, a paper clip or a piece of clay, to the nose cone to adjust the balance from its center to the space about 1/3 before its wings, then you can toss it and fly it! Feel free to give it a shot, and make your own WWII fighter aircraft!



Video demonstration on how to make the WWII airplane (Basic look)

Click to watch the video demonstration on how to make the WWII airplane (Basic look)