Hsinchu Fashion Design Maker Space, the First for Custom-Made Fashion and Function Clothing

A new era for makers are coming! The Ministry of Labor Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Regional Branch Workforce Development Agency opens Hsinchu Fashion Design Maker Space this year. It is the only custom-made fashion / function clothing themed maker space. Since its soft opening since June, it has received great reviews from makers and local people. The number of accumulated visitors has surpassed 3,500.


The Grand Opening of Hsinchu Fashion Design Maker Space.

In order to serve the general public and to grow more young makers, the Agency held a opening reception and press conference on the 11th. The Director General of Ministry of Labor  Workforce Development Agency Chiu-Kuei Huang, the Chief Secretary of Hsinchu City Government Chang-Hsien Chen, The vice-president of National Taipei University of Technology Wenlung Li,  Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology President Yu-Ting Lee, Hsuan Chuang University Der Zen Liu, the Agency’s Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Regional Branch Director Yu-chen Ting, Singtex assistant manager Li-Hsun Chang, Magictex Co.Ltd General Manager Yu- Hui Liu are among the honorable guests who unveiled the front door sign together.

Aside from the press conference, the staff of the maker space made a tour throughout different spaces within the building: maker spaces, equipments, expertise of instructors and entrepreneur resources. Several custom-made garments made by the makers, and 3 sets function garments of: a compression garment that prevent teachers from standing too long, outdoor UV protection and quick dry fabric performance wear, and workwear that protects the person from explosive hazard, toxic chemicals, and radiation. The Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Branch and the industry-government-school collaboration supported maker – Yujin Li came forth to share her experience in the supporting programs, and she hoped that more young people, groups and companies would join the maker space.

The General Director of Agency Chiu-Kuei Huang mentioned that the Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Branch   in order to elevate the competitiveness of the textile/fashion makers of Taiwan, and increase the visibility of them in the market and internationally, the maker space ties 6 partners together:

  1. Hsinchu City Government, to induct local industrial features and resources to share, and to market the maker space to the local people;
  2. National Taipei University of Technology and its Textile Coating Research Center, to research and develop new coating technology, and to be the front leader of textile technology;
  3. Yu Da University of Science and Technology, Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology, and Hsuan Chuang University, to realize the educational concept of realizing schools as creative/maker spaces;
  4. Singtex, a leading firm in eco performance textile and garment products, to provide all sorts of new function textile for makers to experiment and to create with;
  5. Magictex Co.Ltd, a firm that is familiar with performance garment market, to provide the makers in the space to make their design marketable and commercialized;
  6. The Agency’s Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Branch, to organize members from industry, academia, government agencies, research institutes, training facilities to take the makers to be at the tip of the trend in the industrial development and schools to cultivate seeds, to pour new drive into the industries, to create new business opportunities, and to offer the flip of the job training styles, and then to achieve the goal of elevating the whole industry.

The Maker Space’s goal is to elevate the industry of textile and garment making through technology research and design.

The most important spirit of makers are to be innovative and to make things by doing it. “The Fashion Maker Space” maker design team focuses on life and work, and creates custom-made “performance workwear” for different work styles in order to increase the comfort and efficiency. Three performance workwear dedicated for hard working teachers: 1. fashionable compression garment to prevent varicose veins for keep in standing posture too long; 2. fashionable UN protection, sweat vaporizing garment, for the teachers who need to be outdoor a lot feeling more comfort; 3. blast/acid/alkaline/radiation protective suit, for the teachers who conduct chemical experiments with full protection. Through the design progress of : self-made, create, and transform, the garments show more diversity, with high productivity and to decrease work burden and still fashionable.

The Fashion Maker Space consists with 3 stories for the makers to use. The ground floor is a reception space and display space for makers to mingle. The makers can feel free at this stylized space to think, to discuss, and to console, it also acts as the display space. The second floor is the working space for makers to operate equipments and machines. With different sewing and garment making equipments, makers should find them to fit most of their needs, and to practice on. It also acts as a patterning center, well-equipped as any textile houses. The third floor is a multi-purpose space, to hold meetings, seminars, and workshops, as a space to do brainstorming, work presentations, and curated shows.

The Fashion Maker Space carefully and full-heartly design their programs and workshops, by different levels of skills and needs, and it offers 4 categories of workshops: 1. basic machine operation, to begin with the basics of operating sewing machines, and a certificate will be given after completing the basic test; 2. Advanced patterning class, through systematic, and step-by-step, the participants should be able to derive from basic patterns to different applications, and much closer to touch your dream to be a fashion designer; 3. Fashion Master Class, conducting in workshop style, from the performance sportswear design in July, wearable devices in August, and to outdoor performance garment design in September, the needs of the consumers and top market tends, and from developing, discussing, realizing as every professional designer must go through; 4. crafts and handy works experiment workshops, containing fashion design drawing, handbag design, hand-made shoes, accessories, leather crafts… workshops, the participants should be able to grow more innovative ideas through different crafts sessions, and to take the first step of being a maker.


The Fashion Maker Space is very well equipped with textile and garment making machines.

The Taoyuan-Hsinchu-Miaoli Branch Director Yu-chen Ting pointed out, that the young people now are imaginative, creative, and carry entrepreneur dream, but very few knows how to carry on. The Fashion Maker Space provide them a place to learn for free, consulting for create their own business, assisting them to commercialize their works, and branding and marketing ideas, and retail matching platform projects to give them a head start in the new career service pattern. If you would like to learn how to make clothes, or to increase your ability of fashion design, want to know more about fashion and textile, please search the Fashion Maker Space on the FaceBook, or phone 03-533-5055, you might be  the next maker fashion designer!