3D Printing Design Contest 2016, the November 4th Award Ceremony and Achievement Presentation


The 3D Printing Design Contest 2016 organized by the Institute for Information Industry, will be having an award ceremony and achievement presentation on November 4th, Friday.

The popularity of 3D printing devices leads to the rise of the Maker community. Creativity is being realized, and hence local innovative makers are being promoted. To help the people understand more about 3D printing, the 3D Printing Design Contest 2016 was held. Both 3D printing amateurs and 3D modeling professionals are invited, to build their own creative 3D printed models according to the 3 genres and 6 themes. The works of all participants are all being uploaded to the 3D printing resources and services website FAST Lab. It has already accumulated various kinds of  3D digital contents, aiming to become Taiwan’s biggest online 3D printing gallery that is rich in Asian culture.

The 3 genres and 6 themes are: Anime character Guang Hua Girl, industrial design Bolide Robot exterior and futuristic daily items, feature content Southern Taiwan Science Park Maker Installation Art, Kuo Yuan Ye pineapple pastry mold and Digital Archives of Cultural and Creative Industries, the Bear of Kinmen.

The Guang Hua Girl 

She is an employee at the Guang Hua Digital Plaza, who accidentally met an electronic elf. The elf chose her to be the guardian angel of Guang Hua, to remind people the memories and prosperity of the place. For the future of Guang Hua and her pay raise, the Guang Hua Girl became a magician with the help of the elf. She can pull out many electronics from her hat to solve problems. This setting adds a lot of cuteness to Guang Hua Digital Plaza, making it no longer a place for boys only. The Guang Hua Girl chosen this time was designed by comic artists Hayashi and REI, on behalf of Future-Digi.

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Bolide Robot

XYZprinting sold over 50,000 consumer 3D printers in 2015, and their CEO, Mr. Simon Shen, believes that 3D printers and robots are going to be the center of smart homes in the future. XYZrobot will also release the educational Bolide Robot, with 18 joints on its body for free movement, each driven by its own AI servomotor. The robot is controlled by a remote, or an XYZrobot iOS/Android App through bluetooth 4.0. Users can download preset actions for free, namely push-ups, dancing, Tai Chi, waving hands, etc. You can also download .stl files of 3D desgins for any XYZprinting 3D printer and create your own unique Bolide.

Futuristic daily items

The popularity of 3D printers allows designers to materialize their creativity on products, and accelerates the development of prototypes. Take Taiwan’s brand, Bone, for example. They created the Maru Penguin. To encourage designers create things that meet people’s demands, they take the 3D image of Maru Penguin or any other self-made animals or interesting characters as inspiration, and apply them on office supplies and daily items to solve people’s problems. They have created futuristic products that are close to our daily lives, with practical features and therapeutic at the same time.

Southern Taiwan Science Park Maker Installation Art

The Southern Taiwan Science Park is located across 3 districts of Tainan City: Xinshi, Shanhua and Anding, covering 1.043 acres in area. Its main industries are optoelectronics, integrated circuit, precision machinery, biotechnology and green energy. From its archaeological site, the most amazing unearthed relic is a dog fossil raised by early settlers 4,800 years ago, which is also known as “Taiwan’s first dog.” The creator of “Little Black” sculpted a dog from 4,800 years ago into the workplace of tech workers. Little Black appears in the Science Park Square in different postures, and will be showing different characteristics in different locations. This theme encourages participants to build 3D models of various creations based on Little Black, and create installation art that is both presentable and practical with the help of IoT software and hardware, and the Maker Spirit.

Kuo Yuan Ye pineapple cake mold 

In order to help people make their own unique pineapple cakes, Kuo Yuan Ye provides them a space that is family friendly and inspiring. From the Kuo Yuan Ye Museum of Cake and Pastry, participants are invited to create all kinds of designs with 3D printing and the Maker Spirit, based on the “pineapple cake mold.”

Digital Archives of Cultural and Creative Industries, the Bear of Kinmen

M5A1: The #66 tank of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Tank Regiment, Kinmen Defense, was trapped in the Longkou Beach due to a malfunction after a military exercise. Staff Sergeant Zhenqiu Xiong (熊震球) and Platoon Leader Zhan Yang (楊展) were on guard and saw Communist troops trying to land. The tank was right in a key strategic spot, so it was able to face and defeat the 244th regiment, 82nd Brigade of the elite Communist troops with its firepower all by itself. It was awarded the title of “The Bear of Kinmen” after the war.


The Bear of Kinmen: M5A1 (Photo: Wikipedia)