Pursuing Dreams with Your Hands: Documentary Maker Future Sees the Maker Movement in Education

It turns out that in every school of Taiwan, the Maker Movement is the inspiration for a innovative future, and it continues to flourish. On October 23rd, the documentary “Maker Future” was premiered in the National Taiwan Science Education Center. Through the views of 22 teachers who are part of the Maker Movement, the Maker Spirit is being truthfully presented. This document will soon be broadcast in major Maker events.


Yung-Chin Wu, director of the documentary, sharing his experiences with the audience. (Photo credit: National Taiwan Science Education Center)

Starting from this January, the National Taiwan Science Education Center has gathered schools and makerspaces all over Taiwan, to encourage interaction among different communities. Their communication is actually the influence and reactions of the Maker Spirit in Taiwan. In order to find collaboration potentials between students and maker communities, makerspace teachers in schools have succeeded in bringing out the Maker Spirit in them, and sparked a collaboration that’s never seen before.


Makers who appeared in the documentary sharing their experiences. (Photo credit: National Taiwan Science Education Center)

In the symposium after the premiere, several teachers who appear in the documentary were also invited, to share their roles in this movement. Mr. Gilbert Su of Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry, and Mr. Jun-fu Tseng of Jisui Elementary School talked about the roles elementary and junior high schools could play in the Make Movement. Mr. Junnan Ye (葉俊男) from Reiyuan Junior High School, Luye, Taitung said that in a rural school like his where resources are scarce, teachers are still able to impart the Maker Spirit to the students even without 3D printers and other tools. Mr. Hermann Lin, the dean of College of Technology, National Kaohsiung Normal University, shared with us their comprehensive plan on how they can become the core of Maker Education in the south, and welcomes everybody to use their resources.

The Maker Spirit emerged from the people, and is meant for everybody. Miss Hui-chun Hong from Maker Faire talked about her observation from the several Maker Faire Taipei events she held that Makers are proactive and practical. If implemented well, it can help teenagers develop multiple intelligences, and it will naturally revolutionize the current education.


People who appear in the documentary Maker Future were also at the premiere, to share their experiences in the Maker Movement with the audience. (Photo credit: National Taiwan Science Education Center)

The curator of the National Taiwan Science Education Center, Mr. Nan-Shyan Chu, said that in the Maker Movement, working with hands, sharing and learning help children imagine difference versions of the future. It also enables more possibilities for Taiwan’s education. With different learning atmospheres, the Maker Movement revolutionized the classroom, became a happy place for learning, and turned learning into a profound way of growing up.

The documentary Maker Future will be showing on October 29 and 30 in the New Taipei Mini Maker Faire, and on December 10 and 11 in the Kaohsiung Mega Maker Day. To have more people joining the Maker X Education event, the National Taiwan Science Education Center welcomes all broadcast applications, you can go to https://goo.gl/JYMAJn, or the officail websiteMaker Facebook page for more information.