National Day of the Republic of China, Celebrate the Glorious Double Ten with Origami

The National Day of the Republic of China is also known as the Double Tenth Day, Memorial Day of Wuchang Uprising or the Memorial Day of Xinhai Revolution, and it is on the 10th of October when the Wuchang Uprising took place, which kick-started the Xinhai Revolution. Within two months, it was followed by revolutionary actions all over China and the Qing Dynasty was eventually overthrown. A year after that, the Republic of China was founded, on New Year’s Day of 1912. It was the first commonly recognized republic government in East Asia.

The National Day is one of the public holidays of the Republic of China. Since our government moved to Taiwan in 1949, there has been a ceremony every year. There is always the flag-raising ceremony in front of the Presidential Office Building, and then the National Day Celebration itself, with various parades and performing teams. Back when Chiang Kai-shek was president, there was even military parade every year. In the evening, it is time for the National Day fireworks.

The date “10th of October” is represented in a “Double Ten” symbol and is often seen during National Day. In this year’s National Day, we are going to make a Double Ten totem out of an A4 sized paper, to say happy birthday to our beloved country.


In this video we will be learning how to make the “National Day of the Republic of China, the Glorious Double Ten”


Please go to National Day of the Republic of China, Celebrate the Glorious Double Ten Origami Tutorial (YouTube)