Taoyuan is the place to dream: 2016 Dare to Dream Taoyuan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival


The Taoyuan City Government Youth Affairs Bureau was founded less than a year ago. On October 1 and 2, they held the first “2016 DARE TO DREAM Taoyuan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival” in Chung Yuan Christian University. The year 2016 is when Taiwan’s innovation startup business booms. The purpose of this event was to prove that Taoyuan is the place where youths with dreams can make use of their talents. Mayor Wen-tsan Cheng of Taoyuan City pointed out during the opening ceremony that, Taoyuan has 13 incubators, while 3 entrepreneurship centers and 1 international youth entrepreneurship village are in the works. They are to provide young people the places to start their businesses and dreams. Having these resources in hand, Taoyuan will eventually become the youth entrepreneurship base of Taiwan.


The 2016 DARE TO DREAM Taoyuan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival was the first major startup and maker event held in Taoyuan City. Mayor Wen-tsan Cheng was also in the opening ceremony.

The Maker Spirit × Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

Designs full of Maker Spirit, the Taoyuan Maker Exhibition gathered makers all over Taiwan to share their works with everybody. Drones, tracked vehicles, Iron Man helmets, 3D printers, laser engravers… were all present. Mayor Cheng himself was there to experience these devices.  Some booths were set on the grass so that people could share things in an open space. The Taoyuan Maker Exhibition also invited maker teams like DIT Startup, MOX, Microsoft BizSpark, Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Techplasma Technology and FlyingV, and advisers of international venture capital and accelerators, to show up at the Innovation Entrepreneurship Exhibition together. From coming up with an idea, to executing it, and the operation afterwards, venturing into the consumer market, and the ecosystem of the service to other industries and the society, were all presented at the exhibition.


Mayor Wen-tsan Cheng handling with the creative works at the exhibition.

Global Index × Taiwan’s Opportunities

Having the advantage of traffic and industry, Taoyuan aims to be the New Silicon Valley of Asia by attracting tech industries to enter, encouraging local factories to innovate, and injecting youth entrepreneurship resources, to build a city that is competitive in the world of technology. The Innovation Entrepreneurship International Forum was hence held. Many international experts were invited in the theme of “The Future of Data Innovation” and “Smart IoT,” to discuss the life of human beings 10 years into the future. How to build an IoT that will change the social structure, how should Taiwan do its part in the world of innovation, these topics were discussed by the many famous experts from the world gathered in front of the youths of Taoyuan. These invited experts were Hong Kong University of Science and Technology professor Michael Sung, Taiwan’s data science expert Sheng-Wei Chen, Kyper Data founder Michael Chang, Ring founder Jamie Siminoff, XING Mobility founder Azizi Tucker, and GMobi CEO Paul Wu.

Entrepreneurship Competition × International Venture Capitals

The TYC x Champion Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition was the highlight of this year’s event. It was not only a contest of wisdom and execution, you could also win matchmaking opportunities with the international venture capitals at the exhibition. Youth Affairs Bureau Director Liber Chen said that the most important value of the TYC x Champion Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition was to find teams with entrepreneurship ideas, product creativity and market potential, or teams that care about social issues, and could offer feasible solutions. Through the glory and the prizes of this competition, they wished to encourage teams with potentials to put their ideas into practice, and inspire  more creativity and possibilities. The multitude of creativity among the participants proves that Taoyuan has the capacity for creativity and innovation, and it is absolutely a great place to dream.


There were 78 teams of makers showcasing their works in the Taoyuan Maker Exhibition