HSINCHU MINI MAKER FAIRE 2016: The First Ever MAKER SPACES summit of Taiwan

It was the second Hsinchu Mini Maker Faire on September 24-25. The “Hsinchu Mini Maker Faire” opened with the personal remark from Lin Chih-chien, the mayor of Hsinchu City. During the opening ceremony, the major Lin stressed that Hsinchu owns the most abundant resources in Taiwan, including “Hsinchu City StarFab Accelerator” and the top innovative incubation team Starfab, especially, Hsinchu has the world renown Hsinchu Science Park, Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, etc all top academic and industrial players. They are the best partners for makers to team up with. Such feature makes Hsinchu the best base for new generation entrepreneurs.


The mayor of Hsinchu, Lin Chih-chien opened the Hsinchu Mini Maker Faire 2016.

The Hsinchu Mini Maker Faire is an international event. In 2016, it was headed by Hsinchu City Government, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), and organized by WeWchool, Scientific Instrument Center (NTHU), Operations Center for Industry Collaboration (NTHU), Center of Innovative Incubator, NTHU, MAKE Magazine Chinese Edition, The Industrial Development & Investment Promotion Committee of Hsinchu City, Hsinchu City Small and Medium Service Center.

Mayor of Hsinchu: “innovative startup” is the city’s policy

The cores of this year’s Faire are “Innovative Startup” and “Flip Education.” The event gathered more than 100 young inventors and makers. The major experimented on many inventions and maker projects, including hydraulic robotic arms, robotic arms, and many others. A student from Hsinchu Primary School, Lin Ming-tsung invented a game of “picking up gifts” by writing programming language. The mayor Lin praised student Lin a successful scientist. Mayor Lin stated, that from the young scientists, you can spot the vitality and competitiveness of Taiwan. Lin also said, that the spirit of “Innovative Startup” and “Flip Education” are what the city government has been aiming in the long run.


The mayor of Hsinchu, Lin Chih-chien experimented with the inventions by young students.

The Vice President for Research and Development J. Raynien Kwo stated that from education point of view, NTHU has been promoting innovative and startup ideas, by encouraging students to do hands-on, problem-solving activities in order to set the base for start their business. The newly unveiled Center of Innovative Incubator of NTHU is a hub for startup teams composed of teachers and students in the school, and research and development startups. Its goal will be IoT and bio-medical, and to incubate new related enterprises.

Experience Maker Ideas, an International Show


More than 100 venders and stands, and ideas and making for all.

The reason to organize a “maker faire” was to share Maker ideas, and it is also a celebration of “the Maker Movement.” Hsinchu Mini Maker Faire was just like any other maker faire: for the makers to share their own works, and for the public to see all the interesting and curious inventions. The cores for the Faire this year are “Innovative Startup” and “Flip Education,” with four categories of events: “Handy Crafts Zone,” “Lifestyle Zone,” “Competition Zone,” and “Mini Forum” with 37 speakers who all obtain incredible knowledge and experties. The 2-day event mostly took place in the newly unveiled Innovative Incubator Building.

“The Technology Zone” has Logitech, Might Electronic, Mouser Electronics, Realtek to show their products and progress in Smart Living, IoT, robotics and more. “Handy Crafts Zone” joined Creative Product Market “ArtMay,” and featured local creative makers and their products to show local culture. “Lifestyle Zone” and farmers’ market “Dragonfly Green Market” co-curated an show that concentrated in environmental awareness and organic farming to celebrate the idea that the original idea of “maker” came from the land. “Competition Zone” hosted Hebocon sumo wrestling, and autonomous vehicle race.

Groundbreaking Forum, First Maker Space Summing of Taiwan


Hands-on maker workshop allowed the public to understand what is Maker spirit.

The Mini Forum invited Darwin Venture Consulting Firm, StarFab Startup Accelerator and several others to composite the team of 37 forum speakers. They brought innovative startup, technology updates, and maker know-how face-to-face opportunities. One of the first ever this year is to host the Maker Space Summit for all maker spaces around Taiwan. It was a milestone for the Maker Movement in Taiwan.

There were quite a few 3D printing venders joined the Faire this year. It was an response to the strong need of the maker circle. The printer from Idea-DIY, the MAKER Magazine once named its product the best 3D printer also displayed their products, and the printer’s industrial standard of precision impressed all who visited the stand. The usage of 3D printing in the day-to-day activity is more and more obvious. While the competition is fierce, the precision and quality are the key to stand out. Especially in the field of medicine such as dental models and cosmetic medical usages, many successful developments and researches have been shown, and Hsinchu Mini Maker Faire 2016 had them all.



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