2016 Taichung “Maker X Carnival” Salon —— Kutani Choemon

The Workforce Development Agency under the Ministry of Labor on September 9th to 11th organized “Maker X Carnival” at Chungyo Department Store Building C 13th floor International Conference Hall. The event presented 3 salons to host three international figures in the Maker World. The first is the founder of Freedom University in Tokyo, Japan – Terri Kurosaki; the secnod is the head of Choemongama, the pottery family with a long tradition in Ishikawa Ken, Japan – Kutani Choemon; the third is the general manager of Acer computer – Maverick Shih. In the English vMaker edition, we selected the part from Kutani Choemon.

In the introduction of the salon, the hosting speaker mentioned that “maker” is something only quite recent. The English term has closer sentiment than the Chinese one due to the idea of “make.” “Maker” in Taiwan is more like a movement. The Deputy Director-General Chen-Yang Shih pointed out that between craftsmanship and creativity, the process of learning how, and to add together a innovative concept are what “maker” is all about.

Head of Japan Pottery Company Choemongama – Kutani Choemon
428 拷貝The second speaker, we have invited Kutani Choemon. Choemongama was established in 1897. Since its founding, for over one hundred years, the workshop produced dining wares. As the 6th generation leader, Kuutani Choemon understands that his peers want to make something new, but the elders in the family wishes to maintain the tradition. Choemongama was known for top end dining ware, especially in Kanazawa, many luxury Japanese cuisine restaurant use what Choemongama produced.


Kutani introduced the “flute blowing” series to the audience. Although nothing special, but it feels very close and friendly. Or, he uses the sushi master image to combine with flute blowing to make something new for everyone. He used the opportunity of working with a hotel, and created a light fixture for the first time for the hotel. Kutani’s works were on display in many European countries. Other than the Chinese influences on the design, and he will make sure his Japanese heritage stay. On some projects, he also work with artists and clients from Spain and other European countries.



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