Taiwan’s First Drone Maker Faire – Flyer Maker Faire

The Institute For Information Industry and ArkLab hand-in-hand have organized the 4-month long “Flyer Maker Faire.” The Faire has hosted a handful of workshops and demonstrations associating with drone technology since July.

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The “Flyer Maker Faire” is the first Maker Faire that is solely devoted to drone.

The year of 2015 could be considered as “the beginning year of drone” because the technology is officially adapted into civilian use from its closely guarding military use in Taiwan. The quality and the variety of drones have an explosive growth. It has become an undeniable trend.

This series of lectures invites not only many experts in Taiwan’s drone industrial circle, but also many hands-on flyers to share their knowledge and experience. The Faire also hosts many drone assembling workshops, thus the general public can put together their own drone, and fly them.

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The Workshops provide hands-on experience to put together drones.

The organizers’ is to enhance the society with the help from drone technology. The society can incorporate the advantage of drones to aid our lives. The drone development plays an important role in the world Maker circle. It is also picking up in Taiwan. The “Flyer Faire”is organized to serve the purpose of creating collaborations between research and development and realistic needs. In the process of knowing drones, the participants can also satisfy the ancient crave of human beings for flying. The event should encourage more people to join drone development and applications, and to find better use for it in the society and industry.

The “Flyer Faire” is still ongoing, more events please visit ArkLab Facebook page.



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