Interviewing the Million Dollar Maker Arena Competition Outstanding Team: Southern 3 + 1

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Members of the team Southern 3 + 1

  • What made you want to take part in the Million Dollar Maker Arena?

We took part in the Southern Maker  Camp in Xinying, Tainan to learn how to use the digital tools.

We know each other and understand what each other is good at, so we formed the team. During the event we learned about the Million Dollar Maker Arena held by the Workforce Development Agency, and we took the chance.

  • When did you realized that you were makers?

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How Southern 3 + 1 works

We are all interested in being makers but have no experience. When we were in the Southern Maker Camp, we heard that as long as we do things by ourselves and solve problems, we are makers. When it was over, we felt like we were real makers, but in fact our team was far from it.

  • What was your proudest moment in your maker life?

Forming a team, implementing our ideas from thinking to designing, whether or not they make a difference, we still make them from scratch no matter what. When we finished a piece of work, that was when we felt proud.

  • When doing a project, what makes you feel frustrated? How do you get over the frustration?

When we have different opinions, we feel frustrated, but we try to understand and accept each other, and include our opinions into the plan for further discuss. This usually solves the problem.

  • Have you participated in other maker events? What is the biggest reward from interacting with other makers?

The only event we have been to so far was the Southern Maker Camp. As for the reward from other makers is that we get to understand their specialties and learn from them. We can also discuss things, exchange opinions and spark new ideas.

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The works of Southern 3 + 1 are all related to our daily lives

  • What do you think is the most important trait of a maker?

DIY, DIY, DIY! Every idea and problem requires you to do the work, and if you don’t do it you can never know if it will work, and never find out what the problem is, and never solve the problem.

  • What kind of ability do you wish to have, for your maker life?

I wish I can be very resourceful and able to apply what I have learned. No matter what kind of future awaits, with these two abilities I can always be learning in my life as a maker.