Gatchaman and the God Phoenix G-5 2016, a Video Demo

Retro Japanese animated TV show “Gatchaman” is about a team of schi-fi heroes and has been airing on CTV since 1981. It has been 35 years. There are altogether 3 TV series, 1 edited version movie and 1 OVA. In 2013, a live-action movie was released. Both the heroes and villains have unique personalities, and the plot is fast paced. Its theme song “Gatchaman” is still familiar among children of the 60s and 70s. Many famous singers even include covers of the song in their albums.

As a child of the 60s, I have been a hardcore fan since the series premiere. The five heroes in their ninja costumes, with their advanced watches, unique weapons and fancy vehicles to fight the evil Galactor, are just bad ass. My personal favorite is the God Phoenix G-5, which is piloted by Ryu the Owl. According to the setting, it has 5 times the speed of sound and is able to transform into a phoenix, a special move known as the Firebird, then it uses its extreme temperature and speed to charge into enemy monsters. Such technological and powerful setting has already got the best of me.

The God Phoenix G-5

The Firebird

There are 3 variations of God Phoenix. Personal, I find the first one best looking and I have designed its paper model a long time ago. Since 2011, I have created at least 5 versions of origami God Phoenix, all based on the first generation. For me, being able to make toys or models out of any piece of paper and play with it right away, is much cooler than buying them from the stores.


The God Phoenix (left to right): first generation, second generation and third generation.

This article will now demonstrate the making of the God Phoenix G-5, 2016 version, from Gatchaman in a video. 

摺紙_科學小飛俠之鳳凰號 G-5_2016標題 科學小飛俠三代機