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“Million Dollar Maker Arena” Giveaway rules for early birds

The Workforce Development Agency, MOL, hereinafter referred to as “the organizer,” encourages the participation of the 2016 “Million Dollar Maker Arena” and handing in the documents early, so a giveaway is organized, hereinafter referred to as “this activity.” This activity is entrusted to executive organization PanSci Knowledge Co., Ltd, hereinafter referred to as “the executive organization.” This activity follows our giveaway rules, hereinafter referred to as “the rules.”

1. The qualifications are as follows:

To participate in the giveaway, you have to first sign up for the Million Dollar Maker Arena and hand in your documents before 18:00, August 22, 2016. Please refer to the contest rules on how to sign up and hand in your documents which can be downloaded here. Postmarked date should not be later than deadline. If you make your delivery personally, the date of receipt will be the proof. You should be handing in your complete written registration form (2 copies), affidavit (2 copies) and design proposal (5 copies).

2. Deadline and Prizes

  • August 17 to 18:00, August 22, 2016

  • The prize is an iPad mini 4 16G wifi.

3. Winner announcement

The winner will be picked randomly by the executive unit at noon, August 26, 2016. The entire process will be filmed and the winner will be announced on our website at 16:00, August 26, 2016.

4. Procedure

(1)  August 17, announcing the giveaway rules on the contest website and Facebook.

(2)  August 22, 18:00, deadline for handing in your documents.

(3)  August 26, 12:00, winner gets picked randomly, and will be announced at 16:00 on the contest website.

(4)  September 3 to 11, prizes are awarded at the preliminary of each district, to the leader of the team.

5. Reminders

(1) This activity is for participants of Million Dollar Maker Arena only, non-participants who have handed in documents are still not qualified.

(2) Winner must provide identity documents and the letter of consent to accept the prize, and should be paying withholding tax according to the Income Tax Act.

(3) The organizer has the right to alter the rules, anything that has changed will be announced on the contest website. By participating in this activity, you have consented to the restriction of the rules. Failure to comply will be regarded as voluntary forfeit and hence disqualified.

(4) Should you have any questions feel free to contact: 02-23620699#620 Miss Chen, or email us.

Update: The giveaway ended at 12:00, August 26. Congratulations to the winner (貝多芬)!

Video of the randomly picking process