Innovation and Start-up going global, entering the global DNA together

創新創業 航向國際

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The Start-up Hub is the front end navigator of the government’s start-up coaching service. Being a “Hub,” it provides the cyber-physical system advice, activities and courses, to solidify the various services of the government and the people. In the latter half of the year, the Start-up Hub has begun to connect the government and the people to help start-ups “enter the global DNA” all in the name of “Innovation and Start-up, going global.” On August 19, the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Mr. Jong-chin Shen, other representatives, Elan Microelectronics chairman I-hau Yeh and the driving force behind Taiwan’s maker movement Yuhsiu Yang gathered and declared their support for the operational plans and the empowerment of entrepreneurs to go global. They also announced that the Start-up Hub will work with Elan Microelectronics and other medium-sized businesses to assist innovative hardware entrepreneurs in entering the global market.

Meanwhile, the works of many start-up teams will also be showcased during the event, to let everybody know the abundant innovation and start-up energy and the interministerial coaching results Taiwan has. Through this event, potential entrepreneurs get to see how the government is supporting innovation and start-ups. They also hope that more and more start-up teams will be based in Taiwan in the future, while going global, and keep strengthening Taiwan’s innovation and start-up energy. Be sure to pay a visit to the Start-up Hub, you’re always welcome.


●Date:8/19 (Friday) 16:00-17:00
●Location: Start-up Hub, Executive Yuan

Start-up Hub, Executive Yuan

● Telephone (02) 23-58-4548
● Opening hours: 10:30-17:30
● Address: No. 142, Jinhua St, Da’an District, Taipei City

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