FAB12 has begun! Let’s march toward FabLab 2.0!

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Are you still staring at your Pokemon? Don’t forget that over 700 Fab Lab members from the world and 2000 FabLab administrators from 55 countries had gathered in Shenzhen, for the FAB 12. The 7-day conference started from August 8 to August 14, and was open to everybody on the last 3 days.

Being a huge annual event for Makers, there was bound to be quite a few famous guests. Besides the founder of the course, important corporation figures would also give speeches. These speakers were Fab Lab founder Neil Gershenfeld , Fab Foundation chairperson Sherry Lassister, Senior Policy Advisor for International Science and Technology of the White House Kate Gage, inventor of open-source self-replicating 3D printer RepRap Adrian Bowyer, hacker of Xbox Bunnie Huang, founder and CEO of Maker magazine Dale Dougherty, author of Invent To Learn Sylvia Martinez, and 8-year-old Saarang Sumesh from India, who made internal combustion engine models at 3, and invented robots at 7.

The above video is Niel Gershenfeld’s opening for the topic of this year, FabLab 2.0, Making Machines that Makes. The activities in this conference included exhibition, discussion, maker conversations, workshops, performance, maker trips and days open to the public, not just speeches. There was also the Fab Academy graduation and the Fab City oath ceremony. The FabLab 2.0 has been in long development, and was introduced in the previous FabLab. They also mentioned that in this year’s FAB 12, the audience would get to see how a FabLab is built up from scratch.

What is FAB 12?

FabLab is the abbreviation of fabrication lab. It is a place where various devices are provided for makers, so they can use their creativity to interact, learn and share with each other. Each year, FabLabs around the world organize a global conference, the FAB 12, which stands for The 12th Annual Conference of the International FabLab Network, was the twelfth time it was held.

Every year FabLab administrators and the makers gather at the FAB conference to share, work together, explore and make new things. The conference is of great importance to FabLabs all over the world because each FabLab runs independently, without the conference, they might drift apart from one another. This would not make a strong community, and resources might be wasted if they do similar researches due to lack of communication.

What is FabLab 2.0?

To understand FabLab 2.0 you must first understand FabLab 1.0. During the 1.0 stage, FabLab focused on providing tools, knowledge and education, to teach people how to make (almost) anything.

FabLab 2.0 is built upon 1.0, not only does it help you make almost anything, it also wants to have the ability to make everything a FabLab needs (before that, most tools were purchased from companies). In other words, FabLab should be able to self-replicate.

In order to achieve this goal, tools and devices that can be manufactured inside a FabLab have to be designed first, which is what the project Machines that Make is trying to do.

What if I missed it?

Don’t worry if you didn’t fly to FAB 12 in time. Fablab TaipeiFablab Tainan and Southern Taiwan Maker Center went to the conference and shared news on their Facebook pages, be sure to check them out. If you are still not satisfied, you can review FAB 11’s content from last year at Fab 11 on Vimeo this year’s videos should be up soon.