Let’s Catch Pikachu with Origami!

Pikachu is one of the 721 fictional creatures of the Pokémon series. Because of the popular animation and its adorable appearance, Pikachu has always been the most famous of all Pokémons. Pikachu is the first Pokemon Ash caught, and has since become the most famous Pokémon, who has also appeared in every episode of the animation since pilot episode. Pikachu and Ash are both the protagonists of the show.


Since July, mobile game Pokémon Go is being released in many countries, allowing players to become trainers and go out to catch Pokémons for themselves. Pikachu is popular again. The success of Pokémon GO has dragged us from the virtual world to the real one. Because players everywhere are focusing on their screens as they catch their Pokémons in a real environment, dangers in various levels soon ensue. Seeing how Pokémon Go has affected traffic safety, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Keiichi Ishii, has even made public announcements to The Pokémon Company, Nintendo and developer Niantic, Inc., demanding adjustments to be made to the game, that no Pokémon should be allowed on highways and main roads. If they don’t make any improvement, there will be severe punishment, and their servers might even be taken down.


I have designed a Pikachu paper model before, and although it can be made with just one A4 paper as usual, but as a paper model, it still requires tools to cut and paste, which might take some time. Now that Pokémon GO is popular, everybody wants to catch Pokémons right away. With a simple piece of A4 paper, you can do that by making your own Pokémon as you please. Plus it’s a tangible object you can play with your hands!



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