Onshape the fully cloud 3D CAD, traditional Chinese version launched

Taipei, Taiwan (August 4th, 2016) Onshape is the first 3D CAD built for distributed teams all over the world. Since its May release in Taiwan and the recent launch of the Taiwanese traditional Chinese website, everybody is now able to use the traditional Chinese version of the Onshape app. Onshape is also the first enterprise that focuses 100% on cloud and mobile, and pioneered the 3D CAD system, which helps teams that are scattered all over the world to work together through web browsers, smartphones or tablets. What is different from the traditional desktop CAD is that file manager and collaboration functionalities are already built in the core of Onshape.


Onshape is the first fully cloud professional 3D CAD system, and it now comes in traditional Chinese for all your design needs.

The fully cloud app Onshape is compatible with any computer and mobile device (Android or iOS), and accelerates the design life cycle by allowing multiple CAD users to work on the same model in sync. Unlike its traditional desktop counterpart, where members in a team have to discuss separately for each model. Onshape runs either in a web browser or on a mobile app, there is no need for downloading, authorization or IT assistance, and it is updated automatically every few weeks on the cloud, users get the latest functionalities instantly, while a traditional CAD might take as long as a year.

“Taiwan has a huge foundation for industrial manufacturing, which provides for the global market.” Said Onshape CEO John McEleney, “the tens of thousands of engineers in Taiwan will be able to use their own language to operate this CAD. The launch of the traditional Chinese version of Onshape will allow its users to produce better results for their companies more quickly.”

IONE is the company that focuses on the American market of Onshape 3D CAD cloud software, and is the only partner from Taiwan. They are in charge of sales, training and technical support. “Because high tech and consumer electronics need to have shorter design life cycles, and the built-in collaboration and file manager of Onshape will help Taiwan’s enterprises to accelerate the release of their products.” Said IONE sales manager Miss Huijun Zhang (張慧君).

If there are multiple engineers involved in a CAD project, Onshape’s revision control will keep the need for the expensive PDM system to a minimum. Onshape users are always working on the latest model on the cloud, and are able to restore the files to any point in the editing history of all activities. There will no longer be any confusion over multiple copies of one file, and no longer will engineers accidentally write over each other’s works.

The prices of Onshape include a free plan and a professional plan of US$100 per month. A traditional 3D CAD can easily go above NT$100,000 with its future maintenance, update, and hardware investment. A cloud 3D CAD provides an affordable price, lowers the economic threshold of enterprises and startups. Today, companies that use Onshape include industries like consumer electronics, mechanics, medical equipment, mechanical parts and industrial equipment. To understand how they accelerate their designs, please go to Onshape.com/customers