Make your own Top Gun with one piece of paper, a US Navy F-14 Tomcat tutorial

Top Gun is a 1986 Hollywood movie, which has an inspirational story that takes place on an aircraft carrier and in the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School. The movie made over US$176 million in the US box office and a total of over US$353 million worldwide, and is considered the most successful aerial warfare movie since Firefox.

This movie is a collective memory of many 70s and 80s kids. Back then, everybody was wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, flight leather jackets, flight badges, full face helmets that go with motorcycles, and listening to its amazing soundtrack. The movie also turned Tom Cruise into a famous celebrity. The F-14 fighter jet from the aircraft carrier looks mechanical yet elegant, with its variable-sweep wings, powerful weapon advantage, it will always remain my number one fighter jet in the world.


Besides designing and assembling aircraft models by myself, I also happen to know how to make an F-14 with an A4 paper. For this aircraft model, the surface of the finished product is exactly the same side as the A4 paper itself, which is why I have chosen a single side flyer as demonstration. It has nothing printed on its back, so you can color your own model once it’s finished. The wings are able to sweep and change angles, and if weight is added to the front and adjusted properly, you can throw it and watch it fly! Let’s give it a shot!



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