Local Industries Shaking Things up! Mzone Maker at Pier-2 Art Center is now in Session

Kaohsiung is reaching a new milestone of industry transformation and advancement with the establishment of Maker Center. Recently, Kaohsiung City Government has been dedicated to leading the industries to high-value and diverse development. Aside from encouraging young people to start companies and industrial innovation, Economic Development Bureau of Kaohsiung designated a significant Taiwan Maker Movement fosterer, Yu-Hsiu Yang(楊育修), to lead the team, and jointly founded Mzone at Warehouse No.8, Pier-2 Art Center, setting out as a rooted Maker community that collaborates with traditional industries to create a professional Maker space in Taiwan.

Chu Chen(陳菊), the mayor of Kaohsiung, said that there’s been a change in the pattern of economic development. Sharing economy and products of small amount but huge diversity are setting the trend, and the Maker economy becomes the next mainstream. The city government plans to make Warehouse No.8 a well-scaled Maker space for citizens to realize great ideas with their own hands, and foster such ecosystem to thrive. She thinks that the Maker Movement isn’t only about catching up with the world, but more importantly about localization, and connecting both. She wishes the space to be a bridge for Makers to shine, and appeal to people to make and create. Wen-Sheng Tseng(曾文生), the director of Economic Development Bureau, said that there will be classes, lectures, and activities at Mzone, and Makers are welcome to exhibit their work here to create a new Maker culture in Kaohsiung, linking traditional manufacturers, and both local and international communities and firing up innovative industry transformation.

“馬首(Horse Head)” is designed by C-WHAM

PERKUNAS STUDIO, founded by Rui-Liang Hong(洪瑞良), Jun-Xiang Huang(黃俊翔), Tsz-Yuan Yin(殷慈遠), provides metal 3D printing service

Mzone at Warehouse No.8, Pier-2 Art Center will be holding a series of events lasting 3 days from June 9 to 11. Included are robot combat contest, laser cutting DIY, and other 4 stunning competitions and performances, along with the opening of Maker exhibition providing people to make their own 3D printed keychains, hoping to awaken their inner Maker spirits. For more information please find the link: https://m.facebook.com/mzon.KH/.