Return to Star Wars, Rack Looks Back on His Creative Passion for Star Wars Vehicles

Article: Shikatama

Photography: Hannah Su


The AT-AT from Star Wars made by Rack, in a cross-sectional view.

Over the years, Star Wars has inspired people all over the world, including the LEGO MOC(My Own Creation) community, and Rack(黃彥智) is one of the best brick artitsts out there. Due to his passion for LEGO and Star Wars, Rack always makes full use of his time to create art regardless of how busy he is. You can find LEGO sets and bricks everywhere in his workplace. When Rack first started building LEGO, they were all official sets, but he wanted to do more without disassembling them, so he started collecting new bricks to build whatever he wanted to build, while keeping all his old sets intact.

When it comes to MOC, most people like to pick their favorite themes to build from, but Rack thinks otherwise. He suggests beginners to evaluate their skills and materials at hand first, before start building something that might be too big or complex for them, something that should be saved for when they have more experience in the future. He himself also finished the X-wing Starfighter first, before taking on the bigger challenge of AT-AT. Instead of aerial vehicles and battleships, Rack actually prefers biomorphic vehicles that look like a dog or an elephant. He even made three versions of the AT-AT because he wanted to keep improving it until he felt he was ready to make the final version with a cross-sectional view, where there’s a cut-away portion on one side showing the internal structure and the pilot.


The other side of the AT-AT


Close-up on the legs of AT-AT

Since his first Star Wars MOC, the X-wing Starfighter, Rack went on to create the Star Destroyer, AT-OT and AT-TE just to name a few. Star Wars is without a doubt the most prominent direction of his brick creation. Through various activities, exhibitions and meetings with other brick enthusiasts, he learns different techniques, knows different bricks, and hence they inspire one another even more. This keeps him going further down the road of MOC.

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