CES 2023- Edge AI and TinyML Development

Jack OmniXRI


Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 just ended in Las Vegas, U.S., where many innovative technologies attracted attention from participants in the industry. The following are products related to edge AI and TinyML that have all shown innovations at the event.


  1. Computer vision

The WiseEye solution launched by Himax Technologies can be applied with WE-I Plus EVB development board by the same company, and it is also adopted by many manufacturers as shown in the following:

Useful Sensors:

Established by TinyML professional Pete Warden at the end of 2022, Useful Sensors launched the Person Sensor system, which features fast and easy personnel tracking. It can be used with smart home appliance such as electric fans that track people’s movement. Another feature is that the system will not transmit images, so that personal privacy is protected.

Seeed Studio from Shenzhen, China:

The company comes up with an AI vision expansion board using HX6537-A, which is suitable for secondary development by users. In addition, Seeed Studio just launched SenseCAP A1101, an AI camera integrated with LoRaWAN. It is more suitable for outdoor use and applications related to smart agriculture.


This company and Himax Technologies jointly launch HX6537-A, together with NT98566 processor, a prototype development board by Novatec. The two systems can be used to complete low-power pre-recording and high-quality real-time video processing with low latency. HX6535-A also features power saving by detecting people’s movement in action, before starting recording.

  1. Intelligent motion sensing

Invoxia launches the latest smart pet collar, equipped with a micro-radar sensor, an accelerometer, and edge computing to monitor your pets’ physiological signals that include movements, breathing, and heart rate.

If combined with the company’s patented technology Heartprint, the system can convert the signals collected continuously into the state of the heart, so as to analyze stress, pain, tension, and various abnormal heart conditions. In addition, the collar is also equipped with positioning function and activity tracking to prevent your pets from getting lost.

  1. Smart motorized stroller

As autonomous mobile robot (AMR) has become more prevalent, a Canadian start-up GlüxKind has applied this technology to baby strollers and launched a baby carriage called Ella, which allows parents to free their hands and no longer have to hold the baby in one hand and push the carriage with the other. The stroller can autonomously move along as parents do.

The stroller is equipped with sensors that can detect the surrounding environment, automatically following the parents while keeping a certain distance and will stop to avoid hitting pedestrians. Since the stroller itself is equipped with a power control system, it can boost and decelerate when going uphill and downhill, making it even easier for parents to push the stroller.

  1. Smart kitchen appliances

At CES 2023, Samsung launched a variety of smart home appliances, including smart refrigerators and ovens equipped with large-size touch screens for display and operation. There is also advanced software such as Family Hub and AI Pro Cooking, so that users who do not know much about cooking can still come up with a table of delicacies for their friends and family.


It is believed that in the near future, as costs of developments reduce and the supporting environment becomes more comprehensive, there will be more smart home appliances for a smart life.



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