[AI Story] New AI Tech for Answering Questions & Automatic Email Response!

by Pei-Yixuan  Liu


Artificial intelligence (AI) features machine learning and calculation of large amounts of data to identify patterns that can be applied to meet people’s needs in daily life. With the advancement of technology, AI has gradually evolved from being used in analysis to even creation.

Generative AI

Generative AI refers to the use of machine learning models to study the patterns of data and creating a brand new work using advanced deep learning models. The creations can be a piece of text, an image, an audio file, or a video footage.

What is special about generative AI is that it allows AI to evolve from an analysis tool that is used for creations. Users only need to input a series of keywords or sentences, and the algorithm will analyze the said text to generate a stream of data, which will be transformed into contents in various forms.


ChatGPT for thesis writing and coding… server overloaded by millions of users

ChatGPT is a chatbot launched in November last year by OpenAI, an U.S. AI research institution.

ChatGPT adopts a large-scale language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture and is trained through reinforced learning models. The program features operations through dialogues, whether it is searching for information, asking for information, solving problems, or having it write manuscripts and codes for you. The system is capable of coming up with a fairly understandable and fluent output.

Given the features of generative AI, ChatGPT can understand and generate natural language in a conversational setting. Its unique self-attention mechanism allows the model to take into account contents from previous conversations when generating texts, which is one of its most impressive features.

Ellie AI learns human writing styles to craft emails

Ellie AI, another robot based on the language model developed by OpenAI, was launched in December last year. The biggest difference between Ellie AI and ChatGPT is that Ellie AI is not used to provide information or answer questions, but for assistance in writing emails.

Ellie AI features applications in the most common scenario in our daily life- writing emails, for contacts both inside and outside your organization. Ellie AI provides 5 style options. Users start with choosing either “Respectful”, “Casual”, or “Annoyed,” before choosing “Interested” or “Not interested.” After that, Ellie AI will start drafting the mail for you.


AI technology has evolved from a tool for analysis to one for creation, redefining ways of getting work done in all kinds of scenarios. The question comes down to whether certain jobs will be taken over by AI? How workers stay ahead of time and competent has become a hot topic in this era.



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