Technology for Pet Owners’ Assistance!

by Han-Ru Xie


According to statistics, the number of registered pets in Taiwan reached a record high of 229,000 in 2021. Consumers who regard pets as one of their family members are prone to spending money on pets, driving relevant business opportunities.

Solution for litter shovel in a split second

Poopout litter box, designed by a Taiwan-based startup Shenli International Design, consists of absorbent made using special material that is five to six times more absorbent than ordinary diaper. A parafilm serves as a physical barrier that keeps the smell from getting out, even after 1 to 2 months of use. With such technology, it is easier for owners to keep the litter specimen for the vet checkup to get a grasp of the pet’s health conditions.

In addition, the litter box features a pull-and-cut film that can wrap up the litter for disposal, without the use of water or electricity. The overall design is user-friendly, making it easy for children or the elderly that are not fit for labor intensive work.


Litter box connected online for real-time monitoring

Hachi Tama, a new Japanese startup, comes up with a smart cat litter box, Toletta. It allows vets to remotely monitor analyze the cat’s health status in real time from afar. Once abnormal excrement is spotted, the systems can notify the owner through LINE app immediately.

The box is also equipped with an AI camera with deep learning features that recognize the face of different cats. With multiple cats in the house, the system can label each and one of them and keep records individually.


App connection to stay in touch with your pet

Pawbo, a subsidiary brand for pet technology and products under Acer, launches a series of products that include interactive cameras, smart water dispensers, hair dryers, feeders, to name just a few. All of them can be operated remotely through phone applications; in this way, even if the owner is not at home or forgets to feed the pet before leaving, they can do so via their phone.

Among the many other products, the smart scale can help keep track of the nutritional intake of pets through accurate records of feeding and the amount consumed. The interactive camera allows owners to remotely check up on their pets. It can also serve as a snack dispenser and toy. The owner can interact with their pets remotely by setting off ringtones, feeding snacks, using laser pointer light, etc.


With the growing pet commodity market, the selection and functions of pet technology products are also increasing, allowing more people to experience the joy of keeping pets.



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