[Fashion Tech] Future Vibe Found in New Tech!

by Pei-Yixuan  Liu

With the progress and development of innovative technology, there are so much more to tap into in the fashion industry. The following are 3 innovative designs you may want to check out.

1. Dress made with only 2 minutes

At the 2022 Paris Fashion Week, there was a dress sprayed onto model, which drew attention from the media and made quite an exposure on media platforms.


The spray-on dress is a project by the French fashion brand Coperni. The entire production was brought to the stage. In the video, the model went on the runway with only underwear and heels; two staff sprayed onto her body a special white liquid fiber. In about 2 minutes, the fiber solidified and formed a unique rubber cover, which was then trimmed by a designer in to a simple white dress that was one-piece and fit.

The white spray consists of cotton fibers, synthetic fibers, polymers, and additives. When it comes into contact with air, it will instantly become hard and take shape. The texture resembles that of the material for sports wear, and it is even disposable.

2. Shoes to take you into the VR world

On the fundraising platform Kickstarter, there are a pair of body-tracking shoes by a VR company Surplex. As long as you put them on, you can roam in the VR world.

The sensors are placed in the insole, with a total of 240 pressure sensors in each shoe. Synchronized with the deep learning algorithm from Surfacex that monitors the pressure changes of the user’s foot, the system can tell whether the user is walking, standing or running. There is also a 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) that puts together and process the collected information. In this way, the system can further analyze the moving of the user’s footsteps, waist, knees, elbows, chest and other positions, which, in turn, are represented via movements in the VR interface in real time.

3. Smart clothing to collect physiological data

The smart clothing by AiQ Smart Clothing Taiwan is built to collect physiological data through sensors woven with conductive threads that are thinner than hair. The material is soft, making the clothing not as bulky as smart clothing usually equipped with all kinds of hardware. In addition to the upgraded comfort, the sensing device transmits the wearer’s physiological data through signals that are uploaded to smart devices and the cloud in real time. In this way, users have access to mobile health information and monitoring for exercise management anytime and anywhere in daily life.


The combination of technology and clothing drives the research and development of textile materials, the upgrade of game experience, and the expanded application of electronic devices, giving birth to more innovative products, and we look forward to all kinds of developments to come in the future.



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