Maker & Environmental Protection- A Case Study on Marine Waste Recycled in Penghu

By Yu-Wen Zhang


Penghu Maker Base (hereinafter referred to as “Penghu Base”) features the ocean as its base for development. The following is a joint project on marine waste recycling by Wen Create Maker Room and Penghu Base years ago. There were courses and works related to the reuse of marine waste.


Many years ago, Wen Create Maker Room visited Penghu as the first lecturer in the field that carry out programs at Taiwan’s outlying islands. The programs centers on environmental protection with interactive games and regeneration of local resources. The idea of carrying out such a project was simple- turning Penghu Base into a hub for cultural creation. The base provides equipment and materials for creation, inviting local artists and designers to participate in the design and production. However, in the beginning, we had no idea what material to use and how to present our idea. Hence, we decided to visit the coastal areas to look for inspirations, where we saw a shocking scene. The beach was full of blue plastic buoys, which we turned into the material for our project.


For the project, we decided to use a structure that can be divided into interactive games and hand-made teaching. After doing research, we found that buoys are mainly reused for static accessories. Yet, Wen Create Maker Room is known for its playfulness, so we designed a recycled kaleidoscope. As for the interactive games, we came up with a crossbow to fire buoys.

Project detail

Recycled kaleidoscope

We have made kaleidoscopes before, so the following details will focus on the makeover of its appearance. Since the buoys collected are mostly deformed, we used the ones that were still in good shape. After cutting, sanding, washing, and painting, a buoy with new look is completed.

As for the inside of the kaleidoscope, we used small transparent rounded tubes that can be bought from stores. It will also make it easier for replacing the objects inside. We added a small piece of wood was placed on the end where there is a viewing hole to avoid direct contact between the eyes and the buoy. Some extra decoration can be made on the outer barrel, where children could paint it or put stickers on it.

Interactive game

We changed the structure to the shape of a crossbow and used bottle caps as bullet. Since the weight of the buoy is much heavier than that of the bottle cap, we added the butt and the trigger for balance.

Through 3D modeling, debugging can be done before production.

The shape of the first version design was monotonous, as we were mainly testing its function.

For the second version, the pattern of bridled terns was added for some Penghu vibe. Also, we added three slots in the gunstock as the magazine to store bullets.

For the third version, also the current one, we assembled the whole structure using screws, so that the entire crossbow can be disassembled and carried around with ease.


Wen Create Maker Room always looks forward to touching on different topics through play and having fun, which, hopefully, can set an example for others to follow and show the public that although the world has been making progress, there are still many problems that remain to be solved and need people’s attention.



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