[Useless Invention] Influencers born from Useless Inventions

Can you imagine someone always inventing useless things? These are the inventions born from needs but not practical at all. The following are two inventors who make their name via their useless inventions.

Marina Fujiwara

Marina Fujiwara is an inventor Youtuber who becomes famous in recent years and works under a Japanese comedian booking company. 28-year-old Fujiwara has been making useless inventions since 2013, and has come up with over 200 works till this day. She invents all kinds of things and even becomes popular in Taiwan. In 2018, she held one of her tour exhibitions in Taiwan, with her useless but topical inventions that made her go viral on the Internet.


Are you too shay to greet anyone with a high five on the road? Put on Easy-High-Five-Machine, and you are good to go!

Banknote Slapping Machine

Banknote Slapping Machine always reminds you of what motivates you to work your ass off.

Breakup Beacon Light

A light bulb that lights up when someone twits about their breakup, another great example of using the Internet of Things (IoT) and social media news feeds.

To build this device, you’ll need a light bulb by Philips Hue, a socket to connect the bulb to a power source, and a network bridge to connect the device to the Internet. Next, connect the bridge to the router with a LAN cable, and voila! You can also decide the light color you want over a specific app.

To connect to Twitter, just use an app IFTTT, where you can enter the keyword you want to pinpoint among the Twitter news feed. In Fujiwara’s case, it was “別れました”, meaning “break up.” Whenever there is a new tweet coming out consisting of the set keywords, the light bulb will light up.

Shuai Geng

Shuai Geng, also known as Handy Geng, or Useless Edison, over the Internet. He is an inventor and a social media influencer in China, and is good at inventing and assembling various devices.

In 2017, he started inventing various devices he conceived, most of which are made of stainless steel. In 2018, he began to record videos that demonstrate how to use those devices, and uploaded the videos onto platforms such as Kuaishou and Sina Weibo. His inventions are mostly useless. For instance, there is the motorcycle equipped with toilets, the comb and the phone case made of kitchen knives. Odd as they are, they do attract many fans across the Internet, and some fans even refer to his inventions as a spoof of the famous Japanese brand MUJI.



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