Arduino Cloud Games for Innovative Applications

Recently, Arduino has launched its brand new initiative, the Arduino Cloud Games, featuring the operation of social media and platforms related to Maker projects. We think it is a great event from which we could learn a trick or two.

What is Arduino Cloud Games?

Arduino Cloud Games is a contest that encourages Makers to come up with their creative projects in applications. The most innovative project standing out from the selection will be awarded up to $1,000 in Arduino Store vouchers.

Top three projects will be awarded with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals!

Finished project must be submitted before the deadline on 11th March, 2022, as participants post their project pitch onto Project Hub, the official platform by Arduino, and then share the link with Arduino on Discord.

Why the event?

The main purpose of this event is to promote Arduino’s two new products and services, the Oplà IoT Kit and Arduino Cloud, a cloud platform for software development of Arduino IDE. Users do not have to download and install anything, as they can log in directly on the Internet with their user account and password.

One thing better about Arduino Cloud is that it features dashboards of Arduino IoT Cloud, which displays the front-end IoT status and sensor information in real time.

Dashboards of Arduino IoT Cloud

As for Oplà IoT Kit, there are 100 sets for free to be applied for in advance, and applicants must first pitch their ideas for application. If a user is not approved for a free set, they can still buy one in order to participate in the contest. One set costs about $114.00.

The Oplà IoT Kit is suitable for developing applications in various IoT-related fields. The kit comes with 1 OLED display, 5 capacitive touch buttons, 2 sets of relays, temperature and humidity sensors, as well as pressure and light sensors. There are also hardware parts such as lithium batteries and inertial sensors, and a control system board Arduino MKR WiFi 1010.

IoT Hardware in the Oplà IoT Kit

Contest information

Although the contest features applications of technology, not all applications are eligible. The projects must fit into one of the five categories- Great Outdoors, Home Automation, Leisure Time, Multimedia Maker, and Illuminate It.

Five categories for projects in Arduino Cloud Games

In addition to the above information, there are some detailed rules. For instance, all projects must make use of the Arduino Cloud to be selected for grading and awarding. The Oplà IoT Kit provided for use is only to facilitate or accelerate the realization of conceived applications. Participants can pitch more than one proposal. If any project has been selected, it should resemble the one the participant pitched as closely as possible, despite any changes or modifications due to challenges and other factors during the process.

Arduino also emphasizes that although all projects must use Arduino Cloud, other software and hardware are also optional to enrich your works.


Arduino Cloud Games is an event by Arduino to promote the use of Arduino Cloud, and Arduino tries to use all resources and conditions at its disposal to support and promote every new project. The whole process also helps make the most of resources that have been in place, so that the overall ecological cycle moves forward and the Maker communities are better connected.



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