Products Developed under COVID-19

by Pei-Wen Wang

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China in November 2019, there has been a rapid increase in products for disease prevention, and the following are some products invented under the pandemic.

New design of mask for playing musical instrument

To deal with the inconveniences arising from wearing masks, Motex Healthcare, a mask manufacturer, launched in September, 2021, patented new products: 3-high Surgical Masks as well as the ones designed for whistle blowing. The “3-high” does not refer to physical conditions such as high blood pressure, but its features that include high airlock performance, high air permeability, and high filtration efficiency. It is suitable for pregnant women, children, and patients with asthma. As for the ones designed for whistle blowing, Zola Lin, a saxophonist, was invited to play a saxophone while she wore the mask. The mask features a 5-cm wide hole at the stitching under the fabric folds. For those who want to have a drink with a straw, there is also another type of mask designed with a 2.5-cm opening.

Non-contact smart lock for better disease prevention efficiency

Non-contact products reduce the chance of infection to achieve better disease prevention. For instance, non-contact smart locks by Tailong Tech adopts infrared live detection technology. As long as the user is within two meters near the door lock, the system will automatically detect the user’s facial features. After verification, the door unlocks automatically. Compared with the previous generation of technology that requires touching to activate the system, the new generation fulfills the need for disease prevention, as there is no need for touching, reducing the risk of transmitting the virus.

Disinfectant product: air purifiers for COVID-19 removal

Air purifiers by LUFT Duo feature patented technology with a 3D curved photocatalyst net to greatly increases the light reflection and air reaction, which improve the purifying efficiency by 62%. This design is approved by over 10 notarized test reports, and it has passed the test for Feline coronavirus (FCoV) conducted by Chung Yuan Christian University to be certified for effectively inhibiting bacteria and viruses as well as eliminating hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, allergens, and odors. In 2021, it was awarded an SNQ certificate, which is the Symbol of National Quality that endorses safety and quality, regarding disease prevention. This honor can only be gained by designs that go through multiple evaluations by biomedical experts from all over Taiwan.


Since the great outbreak of the pandemic in Taiwan in mid-May this year, the spread is gradually easing under the joint efforts of the government and the people, and the vaccination rate has gradually increased. Still, the public needs to remain alert and be prepared to avoid recurring waves.



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