[IOT for Makers] IoT Applications- Smart Music Box & DIY Beverage

by Shu-Yu Liu

Can you imagine that a small music box can be connected to the Internet and play music remotely? Or have you imaged making a drink with your own recipe and sharing the idea through social media? In recent years, various designs and applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) have become more prevalent, attracting more Makers to put their heads into IoT developments across different industries.

Multiple tracks played through a smart music box

Traditional music boxes feature musical notes produced by plucking the tuned bumps on a revolving cylinder, but the bumps are set, which means there is always only one track in one musical box. The status quo has been changed by Chen-Hsiang Feng and Shiao-Chen Tsai, a couple that founded the TEVOFY Technology. With passion and love for music, the couple developed Muro Box, a music box that feature a patented movement with mobile bumps that can be programmed into different combinations to generate notes, where users can opt for different tracks based on their preferences.

Users can find songs through an application and upload the tracks onto the box. They can even compose music pieces on their phone and share the pieces instantly, or upload an unlimited number of songs to the cloud music library and make their own play list. With Wifi connections, users can play the designated tracks in the distance.

Exclusive mobile bumps on the movement that allow users to design musical notes sequences according to the beat at will.
Users can compose their own music via their phone and play the pieces through the music box.

Online IoT drink shop to tailor your signatures

Taiwan is the known for its wide array of drink options, where competitiveness among tea shops established one after another only shortens the life cycle of each brand. To create a blue ocean in the business, Evan Tian, the founder of PayPayDrink, develops an automatic kiosk that integrates automation, IoT, data management, AI analysis, and food traceability. The automated tea shop runs 24-7, which not only reduces personnel costs but also stands for the birth of a beverage co-creation platform where consumers can make their own drinks.

PayPayDrink allows consumers to adjust the ingredients at will and even give names to drinks, making each product one of its kind. Users can share their drinks via social media, and even make the products regular on the platform, should they be able to sell 100 cups of their exclusive recipe.

Consumers can make their own drinks and come up with their own names.


The advances in IoT makes people’s life more convenient, as we are marching into an era of IoT, big data, and Artificial intelligence (AI). It is going to be more common that everyone’s home appliances and equipment can be connected to the Internet.



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