World Environment Day- More than a slogan!

by Jia-Jheng Yeh

World Environment Day- More than a slogan!

According to the United Nations (UN), the theme for World Environment Day (WED) 2021 is “Ecosystem Restoration,” echoing with the theme for Earth Day for the same year- “Restore Our Earth.” The idea is to call for the restoration of the harmonious co-existence between humans and mother nature and create a sustainable environment.

Limited resources turned into sustainable materials

Spring Pool Glass, founded in 1970 by Chun-chi Wu, has been devoted in recycling and reusing waste glass for over five decades. Spring Pool Glass processes waste glass and turns them into various products, and it also aims at reducing waste produced as well as resource extraction. At present, Spring Pool Glass has also expanded its exploration into industrial raw materials, building materials for technological uses, cultural art, and tourism factories. For instance, Spring Pool Glass develops the technology to recycle and reuse liquid-crystal displays (LCD), where old screens are processed and turned into an energy-saving bricks that feature light weight, high thermal resistance, and sound insulation.

Repair, not replace

Qing Lee, one of the founders of Repair Café Pasadena in California, got her inspiration from the same working space in the Netherlands. Repair Café is based in the United States and it promotes environmental protection by fixing broken things for people. Now, Lee has brought the same idea back to Tainan, Taiwan. People living an affluent life tend to buy new things when something is broken, which gradually puts pressure on the environment. For this reason, Lee brought together activities held in neighborhoods across Tainan and courses from community colleges, aiming at fulfilling environmental protection and recycling of waste materials. It is hoped that these events can encourage people to bring old things from their home to the Café for fixing, so that these objects can be reused, instead of simply being cast away.

Eco-friendly Repair Café from the Netherlands

Go Go Furniture- a sustainable lifestyle

Founded in 2016, Go Go Furniture is known for its furniture that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Their products are known to be beautiful and practical. The target market are customers who wish to buy furniture that is durable for environmental protection. Go Go Furniture adopts solid birch plywood that is moisture-proof and insect-proof as raw materials. With relatively higher costs, the furniture can last for more than ten years, and not even repeated disassembly and assembly will affect the integrity or design for use safety. In addition, with the LEGO joint system, screws and clips are used to replace dowels. Even if one or two parts are damaged, there is no need to replace the whole set, but only the required parts. In this way, customers can enjoy the nice pieces of furniture for good.